Friday, November 30, 2007

Another extra one.

What have I started??? An endless stream of posts??? Not likely. But the ride has been great.

We were all set to go and watch Ken play tonight.. it was an early game... got home early, dinner done, in jammies and an snuggly outfit to be warm in, got our gear packed and out to the truck... can you feel the but coming in yet? Brandon was a little fussy tonight.. not bad, but considering he has cut 2 teeth this week, he has done really well. Ran an errand to the bank, started driving down our hill to the gas station, and I hear a large belch, a rushing liquid sound, and then the smell hit me.

Instantly I had a happier kid, and denial attempted to kick in, and finally I gave in and turned down our road to head for home.

I carried him in, pulled off all his clothes, cleaned up him up, created a whole load of laundry, I am not sure what I am going to do about my wool coat with puke all over it, and then I thought maybe - just maybe - there was so much puke on the blanket, clothes, etc that perhaps most of it was caught and the car seat wouldn't be so bad.

Yeah. Not so much. Now that Brandon is asleep I have to haul the chair out and pull off the fabric parts and straight in to the wash. You need an engineering degree to take it apart and get back together again (sometimes a stretch for an arts student, but I am crafty so I pull through.. LOL) and my truck has that funky smell happening in it. I am sure tomorrow morning he is going to be staving, just everything evacuated his stomach!

That was my Friday night - lofty plans, gone. I feel bad - Ken has no idea what has happened to us. I left him a text and a message, but he is on the ice. I hope he isn't too worried... at least I have a good book. No, wait. I am doing laundry first. Letting it sit just isn't worth it.

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