Friday, March 28, 2008

That's a week!

Well, I made it.

Wrapped up work, and the last two days have passed by in a blur. I sent Brandon to daycare, and I ran errands, and cleaned, and puttered about doing god only knows what, and frittered away time, and cleaned the kitchen, and did laundry, and more laundry, and then even more laundry (was everything we owned dirty?)... and then I went to that big store of DIY and got a new coffee table. Anyone want an old one? I have coveted a new coffee table since we had to go back to our really old one. See, when you have a young dude, it really doesn't make sense to have a glass-top anything. You are just asking for it, so we retired our cool coffee table and brought back the one I inherited, and well, it did the job and that was about it. The new one is more functional, and smaller and taller, and well, I like it better.

I was on a mission to get our passports renewed too. I rocked up at 7:15... I had my book, some water, and I figured I had a few hours to kill before my hair appointment at 11.

I was DONE before 8! I was shocked - I didn't know what to do with myself! I guess when they have enough staff they do a "soft" opening to get a start on the day. I got back in my truck, and I thought- what now? I am on the wrong side of the bridge in the middle of rush hour. So I grabbed myself a java and took the long way around. Wandered around the mall, dropped off my package at my new work... which was cool. I went there for so long as a student, it is crazy to be there as an employee. Damn cool though, and nice being able to flash a letter and get parking, and not be forced in to the lottery to be even considered for a space!!! Yesterday, like today, passed way too quickly and it was time to pick up the little guy before I knew it.

It was just nice to be. Made up a budget we can blow to smitherines, cleaned up my bookshelves, took out recycling, and now I surf. Soon I think I shall bathe. Or at least read a book. It feels like the calm after a big storm. Although I really like my last job, and I made a few friends, I am looking forward to this change, and whatever it will bring. The last few weeks were all over the board, and now, it feels like the start of something new.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Last day

I feel moody, gotta love the hormonal surges of being woman... hear me roar.

So, it's my last day and I was absolutely unmotivated to get my ass of the couch this morning. Ken left with the dude before I was even dressed! At least traffic was generous to me, which means I was in by 8:15... which also means that once I have worked my 7 hours, I am outta da place.

I got in early yesterday and packed up all my gear and loaded it in to the truck and then parked and came back in. I didn't want to do the walk of shame down the halls with my box of binders, a plant, and then my framed degrees (I figure I don't have the space to hang em at home, so at work they get to be) in my hands, loaded down, obviously making my way out of the building..

I get to turn in my key, give them back their ID card, and I have no idea about my parking pass. Maybe I can sell it to the highest bidder? That is one thing that I will miss, where I am heading I will go from paying $25 a year for parking to about $450 a year... *SIGH* and I will still be walking about 10 minutes from the lot to my office... I guess it isn't as bad as paying to park in the city.. but for someone who hates paying for parking...

It is strange though - my overall boss has not said good bye or wished me luck, and my true boss is almost acting like I no longer exist - which is true, but just sits weird. I will end up quietly slipping out of the building later on today.. no fanfare... just vamooshing. Some people have been awesome - just happy for me, and others, well, they are acting like nothing is happening. It is interesting who actually wants to head out for a coffee or a word, and who doesn't. It is telling. I am doing a long coffee, and a pub lunch today. My kind of farewell.

Just finished a book that was just kind of ok. I usually really like this series, but I found that this one didn't catch me... it took me a few weeks to finish the book instead of my usual days. That is telling for me. It wasn't bad, just not the usual page turner. It also could have been me, and not the right book for now. We are going to read Love in the time of Ch0lera next for our book club, and I am feeling a bit leery about it. I couldn't finish the 100 years of solitude.. so I hope that I fair better with this one!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter was too early this year.

It felt like the Easter weekend came too damn early this year.

This weekend went by way too quickly, again. We did a whole bunch of visiting on Friday, and Ken made a lovely anniversary dinner of salmon and veggies. It was awesome... hard to believe we have already been married 2 years today!!! It feels like it has been a lot longer...

We drove up to Kelowna to visit Pete and Gilly, whom were in town, for the night at her parents, and after cooling our heels for an hour in town, we made it out to Lake Country. We stayed in the middle of lake (great views, although no Ogopogo) and wine country, and did some tasting in the afternoon. I was surprised to see that the winery charged for tasting - how many people show up at a winery to taste and don't buy something??? It was strange... But Gray Monk has some nice wines, and I walked away with a nice Pinot Gris. The company was great, we chatted, drank, ate, and did it some more! It was a great visit and we left after breakie on Sunday. It was surreal to see P and G in Kelowna at her folks when they are living in Calgary and we are out here.. it was fun to do something like that - spontaneous and just to get out and experience something a little different. I love that every now and then!

We left in time because there was snow between Kelowna and Merritt, and then again (and even worse winter weather) through the Coquihalla. By the time we made it through to Hope, I was grateful we didn't leave later because the pass was getting really bad with the snow, bad viz, cars and trucks stalled out everywhere... I was happy to be on the other side of the mountains! We picked up Ken's mom on the way home, the big turkey with my folks, and then the weekend was done and Ken was back at work today.

I got some house cleaning done, we fed the ducks, I grocery shopped... all that mundane stuff. I have a few days off at the end of the week after I finish work, and I have a "to do" list of all the stuff I don't normally get a chance to do. I am going to still send Brandon to daycare - which feels somewhat strange.. but I am doing stuff like dropping off my package at HR, and getting a haircut, and renewing our passports so it will be easier to fly solo. Hell, it will be nice to have a few moments to myself. I think it will be only a part day for him on Friday... there are just a few little bits to do, and then I will grab my little dude and perhaps head out to the park for a walk and some fish n chips... something wild and crazy like that! Amazing how fast the time does fly... and how organized you have to be with your time.. that's the thing as you get older.. more structure, no matter how much you try to fight it, that structure saves your ass most of the time!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Paws Up!

What dog breed are you? I'm a Golden Retriever! Find out at

A golden must have come up because I said I wanted a fancy pick up truck.. LOL

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First day of spring?

Damn this year is already going fast.

There are times this week that I really feel like the odd ball, and other times where I am pretty aware that I will be missed. Then there are the things that I really won't miss (like doors being slammed when I (or anyone else for that matter) is being too loud). It is like being on holidays... for the whole trip you really don't want to go home until you reach that very last day and then you start to think about your own bed, and everything you left behind.. somehow on the last day it is ok go to home. It has been like that here - making the decision was hard, telling everyone really sucked because being the bearer of bad news is never easy, especially when you know that even though it was "contact" they were trying to keep you... (but there is a BIG difference between being temporary for a year and three years, surprise surprise). Now, it is more like being in limbo.

Cleaning out your office, and scouring your work PC is a weird experience. Packing everything in to a box, and deleting all those files, erasing your presence. It's easier since I haven't been here forever, but I park the car a damn long way away so it is a pain in the ass to get everything back to the car unless I want to drive it around and park out front.

I guess enough whining - the change will be good, and I am really excited about the new job. There should be some good synergy, and hopefully my learning curve won't be too steep. Or at least interesting. At our AGM in a few weeks I get to do a presentation, so I am sure that will keep me somewhat busy!

I am GLAD we have a long weekend. Doesn't feel like it should be Easter already, WTF? We are doing a quickie roadtrip to Kelowna, and a turkey with the folks on Sunday... I will only be at work 2 days next week, so I am sure I will finally chase the dust bunnies around the house, and hopefully work my way through a spring cleaning. We can't use our shed. It needs help.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yesterday's news

Well, I drank some guinness and wore some green, had some shepard's pie, my son got a lucky green coin, I made some lucky shamrock cookies, and thus passed a St. Paddy's day for us!

This morning, I am feeling like yesterday's news. One of the first things I was told this morning was to not come to today's peer meeting. Er. Um. Thanks! I guess don't let that door hit me on the way out, eh? Ah well, it usually lasts for 2 hours, they are drawn out meetings, and frankly, perhaps not such a bad thing that I am released from going! Half the time I am counting ceiling tiles, and the other half I am watching one of my coworkers to see if they are going to fall asleep! It just makes me feel a wee bit odd inside, I am already feeling excluded.

I am the one choosing to leave, and I know they did what they could to try to keep me, but sometimes it isn't about the short term, you have to take the long view and the long term benefits of the new place are superior.

I keep getting asked whether or not I am excited about going - I am, but I haven't even gone there mentally. I guess when it is in your face and you don't go to a staff meeting and stuff envelopes instead, it is pretty obvious you aren't "in" anymore, and I guess it is becoming more real for me. It'll be strange walking the halls where I once went to school - I am actually being paid to be there now! Things are the same (like the funky old smell in the older elevators) and they are different too - I'm still me, but I have grown up too. It doesn't feel as unknown as this job change to my current position was. I am going back to more familiar ground, literally and figuratively. I will be the new kid in town again though, and hopefully it will be a good fit for me there with all their personalities. I hope that if I am really sharing an office, that it works out. I am sure I will make it work, whatever it is... change is good. LOL... that is my mantra. Just feels like a lot of change in the last year.

Friday, March 14, 2008

on the move... again

I can't believe it. I am switching jobs, again!!!! For the third time this year, I am on the move.

O M G.

After staying with my last employer 10 years, and the one before that 7 years, I can't believe I have created so much change for myself in such a short period of time. I can't believe I am doing the rounds and saying good bye again. It is crazy - especially since here I made really good connections with all kinds of folks right away, and am a good fit, and have been going to the gym, and had projects on the go, and even been on a first name basis with the higher ups. I know that they want to keep me, but here, at this point, they can't offer me a permanent position. Not for another 2-3 years. Plus the guy I am replacing in my current job, could choose to stay away for the next 2 years, and yes, there will be movement, but the movement is created by people going on leaves, but not actually resigning.

So, I am on the move again. The new job comes with some really good benefits besides being permanent. I should have an office with a view, even if it looks like I will be sharing the space. It too comes with a gym membership (I intend to keep going) and the staff are fairly new to the job, and excited to make changes. I am joining the team so to speak at the right time. There is a mat top up, and if I wanted to further my education (yes, that is possible) it would be free. This stuff makes my head spin. I am going for coffee with the VP this morning, I have no idea what I am going to say! I guess it could be a form of an exit interview...

When I left my last job, I truly felt done with that place. I was actually somewhat choked up yesterday walking in - I enjoy it here, the people are pretty cool, and I have been learning a different aspect of the job. I don't really see myself as done here, but the timing and the new opportunity, I have to follow it. Plus it comes with some supervisory duties actually in the title, which means I can start moving on in time too. Nice to have official rather than indirect.

I'm happy - the security helps take an edge off that has been there on the backburner these last few months. It is hard worrying about whether or not you made the right call to leave a long term job for a one year contract with the possibility of an extension. In fact, I got offered an extension here on Friday, deferred making an answer, and found out about the new job offer late Tuesday. Did I mention my head has been spinning?

I have 2 weeks left, and will start the new job on April Fools. Hard to believe I switched jobs at Thanksgiving, and now, the next turkey holiday, I am switching again. Yup, I am still wrapping my mind around this.

Friday, March 7, 2008

a fine mist

It's a strange morning where the land is cloaked in a mist and a fine rain that finds its' way in to everywhere. Mornings like this I wonder what it would have been like when BC was first being colonized and folks were traveling up the Fraser in their canoes... how mysterious the land would have looked with the mist and fog clinging to the trees.

We're springing forward time-wise this weekend... I think I am happy we are doing this blatant manipulation of time early, but I was just getting used to getting in my car when it was light out! 7am doesn't seem nearly as bad when you are getting in to your car and it is already light, rather than getting in to your car when it is dark, and following a ribbon of bright red tail lights on your way to work.

It feels like spring is around the corner - I am already fantasizing about where we can possibly go for camping or day trips. I guess that never really begins or ends for me. I do have the travel bug and it feels like it has been a while since we have spent any time somewhere different. Going to the island to visit family doesn't count as a holiday!! I've got some happy daffs coming through, and the splash of colour is nice. I don't know if I should go for more of a pretty garden this year, or a more functional one. I love home grown tomatoes, but I haven't found my zen spot to do it in in the garden. I may just have to get creative and make a space....

I'm still achey from my fall, and the bruises are colourful. Shaving my legs this morning almost... hurt!!! On a totally different note, I have contacts again! It has been at least 6 months since I have had a pair to wear (I scrambled for hockey the last few times and I used an old one in my right eye... my left eye went naked) and it is so nice to not have my glasses sitting on the end of my nose, getting dirty, getting pushed up. It is nice to just have vision without the frames.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not so graceful

In true Kazzy-style, I was walking down a set of stairs with a few potential co-workers whom I wanted to make a great first impression with.

I had my purse in one hand, and a binder in the other. I am still not so great at the whole purse thing because the damn thing always seems to be sliding off of my shoulders. Well, down I went, sliding down about 5-8 stairs on my knees. I scared the hell out of the people ahead of me, scared the hell out of the people I was with, and well, everything was happening so damn fast I am glad that it was only my inside voice screaming out OH SHHHHHHHITTTTTTT!!! as the floor came rushing up to me. My momentum stopped before I got to the bottom so I didn't get to suffer the embarrassment of sliding in to a finish and then toppling over face first. I got up, brushed off my pants, told them I was ok, and smarted. My legs hurt. I have bruises between my knees and my ankles, and any pressure in that area hurt. Hell, walking up stairs hurt.

On a side note, it was a beautiful slide I am sure that I perfected in hockey.