Monday, March 22, 2010

how the blog got it's name.

I was feeling a bit inspired today so I have updated my header and mentally I am in the mood for a bit of a ramble. I figured it was about time to contemplate the title and header of my blog.

My blog title is inspired by the M. Wylie Blanchet novel by the same name, yet it is more the idea and not the content of the book that inspires my blog. I have had this working title for five years... changing now would seem a bit strange... I have wondered at varying times over the years whether or not I should have made up my own title rather than drawing from a quote or an idea that inspired me.

I question what is original? When you sit and choose a number you will wear playing sports, or the title for a blog, or even the handle you are going to use for email... how does inspiration strike? Or is it sheer desperation because in that moment of creativity ever other handle or title you remotely wanted was already taken? Even though the title was inspired by a quote in a somewhat obscure British Columbian novel, it does strike a chord within me. The book is about a female widower whom takes her four children on sailboat journeys up and down the BC coast and relays the life lessons garnered through these travels. When I read the book, I found myself inspired and enthralled by the life that was portrayed between it's covers.

I too ponder the nuances of time. How it moves, changes, speeds up and slows down. How time marks the passage of our lives, and how time seems to slip through our fingers.

I strongly feel that the most important thing you can give to anyone is your time. I try to be conscious of how I spend my time and I have a bit of a carpe diem attitude. It's also important to live without regrets, and to mean what you say. Reaching the end of this very short tangent, at this juncture, I think I have claimed a toehold in to title of my blog, reaching beyond the original phrase that inspired me.

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