Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It feels like a blustery spring day. There have been moments where the sun comes out and warms you, and then a big dark gray cloud dances by and blocks out the sun and threatens a momentary storm with a rainbow to follow. Moments where it felt like it was going to rain, and moments where my living room was so warm from the rays I needed to open the door. I love the uncertainty of spring as much as I love the spring flowers!

A few totally random thoughts - every time it rains my backyard looks like a total disaster after all the scavenging birds have come by to eat whatever grubs they can find. Little tufts of grass and dirt are kicked up everywhere. Now that Connor is pretty mobile, during a sunny spell this afternoon he decided that he had to try to eat some of the grass. Joy. I just looked out and there are about 20 birds working a grid pattern out there.

Did I mention that our second child is one of those where everything goes in to his mouth? Ah yes. My boy makes a bee-line for the cat kibble. I have had a to fish a few pieces out of his mouth and I am sure this is not going to be a once only deal. Brandon has started to call him Kibble.

Easter is around the corner and it looks like we are going to do our celebrating on Good Friday. Brunch with my folks, and then all of our parents over for Easter dinner: beer can chickens on the BBQ and crock pot stuffing... We will decorate eggs tomorrow, and then do a hunt on Friday so it doesn't get too confusing between one on Friday and another on Sunday. Looks like we aren't getting together with the extended family on Ken's side... I haven't heard anything about plans. It feels strange. Every year it has always been a precarious balance - even when I was single it was one day for my mom and then a day where we went to see my dad's side. Now I just figure we balance it all and make it work. But there hasn't been anything. I am not sure if my feelings are hurt that nothing has been said to us - but it feels disconcerting that nothing has been said and strange that it is a traditional family holiday that is going to slip by with nary a word of getting together. At the end of the day, I will have my parents and Ken's mom over for dinner... we will have a great time and the rest is a bonus. This actually frees up different time on the weekend - maybe we will take in a local Easter egg hunt - which we haven't done in the past. Could be fun!

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