Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Decent thriller...

For some reason, it is never truly easy starting a new series, and trying to figure out if you actually like the writing style, and the main characters.

As I may have mentioned in reviews, Gillian Flynn is a good writer, however, I think she has a pretty dim view of humanity overall. I will admit to my rose coloured glasses, and I guess I like my stories realistic, but my view of humanity is a little more hopeful. In a nutshell, I am happy to report that the writing combination of Nicci French is not nearly so dark.

Enter this novel - this is a solid, good read.  It took me a while to warm up to the main character, but as the plot started to thicken, I enjoyed it more.  I was a bit worried about how the ends would get tied up.  There are some  great twists, and the end is satisfying.  I would read more from this series.  Reminded me a little bit of the Alex Delaware novels by Johnathon Kellerman that I used to read eons ago because of the psychotherapist elements to the story.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Downside of being a working mom, volume #1

When your kids get sick, and are miserable, it sucks when you have to go to work.

We were lucky today that my DH had the day off, so he could stay home with our son.

It is hard hugging them when they are crying because they feel like crap, and you know you have to leave and you have rubbed them with Vicks vapour rub and applied all home treatments that you can but your magic wand is out of juice. You still have to go to work and you know they are in the best hands they can be. They frankly don't understand or care you have to go to that work place.  They don't have to care at their age, but it is a kind of hurt when you have to hug them, and love them, and put on your professional face and leave.

Leaving isn't easy.  We don't always talk about that, except in the sense of 'leaving' someone in a relationship.  What about all those little moments, every day when we are in an act of leaving? Those moments you drop them off at daycare, and their faces crumble.  Those moments they really just want to stay home, and you tell them they have to go to school, "it is good for them".  All the while knowing you would just love to play hookey as well and just have a fun day.

It is equally tough when you have very little vacation time to use to cover your kids' sick days, and then when they happen, the shuffle that has to take place, and the work you know that is waiting for you. Sometimes know you not being there is going to cause issues for your coworkers. It is nice to have vacation days for a vacation and not to cover daycare, sick days, and appointments.

It is a tricky balance - multiple responsibilities, being present both as a mom, and as an employee, then as a spouse, a friend, a daughter, a coworker.  Maybe even being present for ourselves.

Now this is a strange ramble.  Moments like this build character for all of us (in the rose coloured glasses sense of the world) and it makes me appreciate that sometimes the best thing that you can do is get off of the routine, no matter how important it is most of the time. It is also important when your kids are truly sick to not be at work (which we do, no questions ask when it is serious). This almost sounds like whining, but it is also the way it is. Sometimes it helps to acknowledge those moments, and then you ultimately move on.  Usually with a hug and kiss and you do the best you can.

Monday, November 16, 2015

When to let things go...

"You gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away, know when to run... " I love this song.  It reminds me of being a kid, and my folks liking country music, and I love that it is one of the few songs (outside of Christmas songs) that I know all the words to and was one of the few songs I sang to my kids as babies.

My mom and I went to the Little White Tea House in Fort Langley yesterday, and for the most part, it was lovely.  Maybe the conversation could have been easier at times, but the food was good, and it was good to spend time together, for the most part.  I also said the things I needed to say, and I also gained some really important insights along the way.  Hence the song.  I think we are in a better place as us, and I am in a better place for me.  I needed yesterday, even if I didn't think it would be as it was. Reflecting, I feel a few different emotions about it all, but mostly, just moving on.  It is high time, and I choose different.

The truth doesn't always set us free, but it does bring a release, and it hopefully can also bring awareness of what is our mess, and what is someone else's mess, and what is your responsibility to deal with.  I feel good about where I am at, what I have said, and where my family unit is at as well. It feels good being able to move forward, and I think this will be a turning point to mark things differently.  I know my head space is different, and if nothing else, that is the real gift.

This also comes around to other 'gifts'.  We are going to do Christmas gifts for the kids, and for us adults, gifts of time.  Movies, or fishing, or going to plays.  We have enough stuff, but it is the time you spend together that is truly a gift.  That or homemade things that are chosen and crafted with love.  A little more simple, and less extravagant, and way more flush with meaning.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Totally tubular!

I am on a mission to learn a new knitting trick.

This is where youtube rocks.

I am learning how to do a tubular cast on for a hat I want to make myself.  With the weather turning... I want a nice hat for me.  Then if the boys want a new hat - so be it.  Then maybe some socks, and some dishcloths again. I haven't knitted since I finished my last baby blanket... I think I am now starting to miss it again.  The hat is called "Columbia Gorge" and I found the pattern on

Maybe 2016 will be the year that I actually knit myself the St. Brigid sweater that I have been coveting for fifteen years. I think it will be an epic project that will likely take me at least a year to knit.. but I suspect that once done, this will be one that I will wear forever.  Literally.  I am still wearing the Irish sweater that I bought in Blarney in 1995... so I really don't rule this out.

I think I am distracting myself from learning this new task. I am blogging, cruising through sweater patterns, and patting the cat instead of learning how to do this cast on technique. The joys of teaching this old dog new tricks.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time I can't get back

Damn. I really should check some of the comments on IMDB before I watch *some* movies.

I remember reviews of the movie Spy saying it was funny.

Liars. Maybe a few cheap laughs, but all in all, the time spent watching this movie is like watching Slap Shot 3, time you CANNOT get back.

It was cruel, and unusual punishment. I think I cringed more than a few times at the script, the acting, and the impression I had that this movie was funny. It really wasn't.

Give me the likes of Arctic Air, The Vikings, Game of Thrones, Furious 7 even... not this.  Hell, we see so few movies, it is a shame that this was one I figured might be good.  We watched Rise of the Guardians with the boys earlier, and it is an unexpected lovely show.  The opposite of this show.

I am more Hot Fuzz and Star Trek than this crap. Not funny.  Bridesmaids was vulgar with cheap laughs.  It will take a lot to get me to watch another movie with Melissa McArthy in it.  Just because you are plus sized, doesn't mean you can't be beautiful or be in the starring role without being crass and demeaning yourself.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Things are starting to get even more interesting...

I am enjoying this series. Definitely fantasy, definitely intriguing.

Outside of fiction, how do people really and truly learn about things esoteric? It seems that I have learned what I have through conversations with like minded people, and through reading.  However, to delve in to some of these topics,  you really have to wonder about what are the most reliable sources and how to find them.

It is amazing how many words are written, and how it can be to find the ones that are meaningful.  I could ramble on in this vein for a while, and wax poetic, but it is something that niggles at my thoughts at times.  I think there is more out there than meets the eye, and I do believe in 'mysteries' and that we can't explain everything logically away, and I do believe in leaps of faith.

This is book 2 in a series of 4.. and with the 4th book not due out until February 2016, I was half hoping to not really want to order book 3 right away so there is less time to wait before the next book comes out. Alas. I am really enjoying this series, so the book has been ordered and will likely arrive at the library way too quickly.  If I was lumbering through some books there for a while, I have been setting a blistering pace lately. I see that 50 books this is a reasonable goal.  It is interesting how the four main characters play out - and the characteristics they all seem to be embody. As a reader, to also see who are the more appealing characters, at what time.  This is an entertaining series if you enjoy paranormal fantasy.  There is a bit of this book that is a bit farfetched, in the sense that there are two characters (almost the good/evil split of one quality) that can bring items out of dreams, the 'greywaren' ... but in this world, it works.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nablopo - almost??

An idea occurred to me.  It was the 2007.. I had just returned to work with a one year old, and I attempted and completed NABLOPOMO.  The challenge that gets you to make 30 posts for the month of November.  I had no idea it had been 8 years since I did this until I started looking through my old blog posts until I reached all the way back to 2007.

Driving home, it occurred to me with how fast I was reading books this month, I was blogging more than normal.  I was almost thinking that I would likely blog about 65 posts, 50 of which would likely be book posts.  Judging from the past few years, this is pretty typical for me.  It dawned on me, I could very likely challenge myself to crafting 30 posts in the coming weeks, almost within the November timeframe.  Then again, maybe not in the 30 day time limit within November (since that would involve some creative time shifting and I don't really feel the need to do that as much as I likely did back in 2008) and the fact that I am now having this idea on November 12... ok, I will admit that I time shifted this post to November 12 just because this was when the idea hit, and it hasn't been until now that I have actually had the time to sit down and actually get the words, and the thought out there.

I am somewhat rusty with this stream of conscious approach to articulating my ideas.  It may be a good idea to throw some stuff out there in the next 4ish weeks, and see what sticks, if nothing else.

Therefore for the next 4ish weeks, I will attempt to get 30 posts accomplished.  Not all books.  Not all knitting.  Not all complaining about my mother.  I think I am over that. Although that could be a different post, that isn't time shifted.

This is a year of new beginnings.  Speaking of which - I think it is time to do the Polar Bear Swim out in White Rock.  What a novel concept.  I am putting it out there.. January 1, 2016... time to hit White Rock for the annual crazy, cold, cleanse to start the year out right.