Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017 is skipping along... and Happy Canada Day, eh

I wish Canada Day fell on any other day than today. Like tomorrow.  Not meaning I don't think that July 1st isn't a grand day to celebrate the birth of one's nation, but it just didn't work out for me or mine this year. Frankly, I was done today.  Really didn't want to see anyone except my family.  We didn't go anywhere, celebrate, or really do anything interesting.

Regardless, I am a proud Canadian, and Happy Canada Day! I am so grateful to have our home and our community, and to have been able to have a quiet day in our space.

I needed a quiet day of puttering around the house, putting things were they belonged, trying to make sense of things.

June is such a crazy month. If I used to get sick after exams in December, now it seems that June takes me out at some point.  In 2015 I believe it was Norwalk I got for the Canada Day weekend, this year it was a bought of bronchitis or pneumonia I caught on the plane ride home from Halifax.  Just not fair. I loved the east coast. It just didn't seem fair coughing on the plane, feeling that chest pain, knowing I was screwed.  Then the kids got some kind of stomach flu, and my DH was just done. Poof. There went another week.  That weekend didn't really exist in my books.

June is filled with so many wrap up events, and then we decided to host birthday parties for both boys. I am appalled at how terrible some of the parents were about RSVP.  Especially knowing that we were hosting GOOD parties that had dollar figures attached to them. I think some of those parents are wankers, and they have no idea how their lack of responses felt to my kids.  JERKS.  It also makes your kids wonder about themselves, was it about them? Was it something else entirely? Small kids, big hurts. Things worked out in the end, but not without me going sideways and we will never host birthday parties like that again. It really reinforced if you have a few buddies that you connect with on a deep level, everything else is just gravy.

I got caught up in the big gaggle of friends for a while in my early 20s - it was exciting - I was a late bloomer and we had some amazing times.  As you get older, it goes back to that core group of people that are like your extended family that you chose that you end up having time to connect with that get you on a level that most people don't.

So, I will work more magic to try to capture some of the reads that have kept me busy, if only because they provide some kind of framework and pacing to my year.

Kids passed their school years, and concussions still suck.  We do not understand nearly enough about our brains, and how to properly treat brain injuries. Our lives have changed because of concussions. What we have been through in the last seven months makes the other concussions pale in comparison.

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