Monday, March 30, 2009

so much for aiming for every week!

28 weeks - 7 months.

Welcome last trimester!!!! All in all, I must say that I have been feeling pretty good. Weight gain has been reasonable, no crazy swelling, and baby is doing well.

I think my plan of not buying any maternity clothes this time around will be almost difficult - I am planning to wear all my loose skirts, but the weather is staying DAMN COLD. Remnants of winter have been kicking around way too long, and now that we have spring, at least my daffodils have made their appearance. Aside from a few sunny hours yesterday, it has not been skirt weather. So I may break and get something - or even just bigger pants. I can still fit in to some of my stuff, but the button gets popped (and I cross my fingers my zipper doesn't drop!).

Not sure when is the time to start preparing for bubs - although prep will consist of getting bag of age appropriate clothes, setting up the crib, and getting a few odds and ends - diapers, formula (just in case we run in to the same production issues as last time and need to supplement), more crack cream, and baby washing soap... there isn't much to do, but watch the weeks tick off. It is easier in a lot of ways than waiting for Brandon, and harder too, since you know how the first went, and you have no idea how this time will go. It is almost as mysterious as the first. Doc isn't expressing any major concerns, so I'm not either.

So what is up with gas prices? If you happen to fill up in the morning, you pay between 3 - 5 cents more than if you fill up at night. It is brutal. I can understand some price fluctuation, but since I have been paying more attention, the price changes from morning to night, every DAY! Especially on weekends - on Saturday almost got gas at 99.5 a litre, and last night, about dinnertime, it was at 94.9 a litre, and now today, it is back at 99.7 a litre. It is bizarre. I now won't buy gas before 5pm. What is the point? They get you on your way to work... What really gets me is that there isn't really consistency, or a real reason why for the variations, or maybe there is and I don't work in the right industry to understand.

Had an experience this weekend that reinforced how every day with kids you are learning stuff. Had made your own pizzas on Saturday night, and I guess I loaded B's and mine with too much cheese. And then we had some ice cream later on. Way too much fat content for the little guy's tummy and he woke up in the middle of the night, chatting up a storm, and about an hour later, we wore his dinner. At least we had had a similar experience just before Christmas with some really rich pasta, so I could at least understand what happened - too much fat and cheese and rich food = evacution from belly at a later date. Aside from talking about himself puking in the night and having a shower, B was no worse for wear on Sunday - I think I missed the extra hours sleep more than he did! First time this happened, I was half freaking out, this time, at least I knew what to expect. Coming full circle - I guess this is why it is so much easier the second time around with kids, you have already been through a trial by fire and you have a better idea of what to expect, even if it totally different.

I am enjoying a few hours to myself before I pick up B from daycare - ended up taking the day off for appointments, and it is just nice to fritter, and read my book, and do paperwork. The time is going by so damn fast though!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My belly... at 26/27 weeks

This picture is from 26 weeks pregnant... so, about 6 months along. You can see my baby belly filling out, just about to pop! Ken and I were all dressed up to go out for a nice dinner at the Cannery and then to a Giants game... it was an awesome night!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

cute kid

Funny how our kids manifest stuff we do.

This morning Ken went in to wake up Brandon. His first words were "five more minutes please".

HYSTERICAL. And only 2 and 1/2!!!! I came in, and he said the same thing. He was so cute, I totally understood where he was coming from because I am tired today. It feels like it has been a long week.

So, 26 weeks, here we are. I am doing my gestational diabetes test this weekend after I go for a massage. Should make for a relaxing hour, then a bit of stress, then hanging out in the lab for another hour with a book. Third trimester is slowly sneaking up on us....

It's snowed up at work most days this week, and now the rains have started. St. Paddy's Day was good - wore green and had a sip of guinness! Our routine shifted on Monday and Tuesday nights, and the house went from looking pretty damn good to not so good. Or just scattered. We traded tv's with a friend of mine (she upgraded and we got lucky) and I learned that old tv was "only" 27 inches. I thought it was bigger, until we measured it. We now have a 36' tv and it seems so BIG! It is cool. Will be more cool once I stay up long enough to watch some movies on it.. LOL.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Strange day.

Today has felt like a bit of a comedy of errors at times, and then hurry up and wait, and yet, all in all, it has been a fine day.

Funny how when the sun is shining, it helps.

Success. Brandon actually has fallen asleep for a nap without me laying next to him, waiting for hours, hoping he would fall asleep. I went and sat at the computer, frittering away time and trying not to give in and go see him, and waited him out. I talked back to him, told him I would there in a sec, and then, all of a sudden, silence. It was strange. I went to check on him and he was flaked out, on the edge of his bed, like he fell asleep mid-sentence. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! No fight, just some stalling, and he's asleep. This is a big deal for me/us.

All good at my check in appointment (6 months, O M G) at the docs, and Brandon is also doing really well too (he saw his neurologist). Apparently he is awesome, we are winning, and well, it is somehow between him being really bright and motivated, and apparently, I am a pretty strong advocate whom has been doing the right stuff with him. Some days it doesn't feel like I do enough, but whatever we are doing is working, and he is more than ahead of the game. It's a big deal. There are so many unknowns, and so much the doctors can't tell you, and what we have gone through - well, they have no answers just that it truly is a random thing that cannot be easily explained, you just deal. Which really sucks, because human nature is that you want answers, but they aren't forthcoming. So, you deal, move on, and do what you can. Which is what we do. Kind of like money, have your freak out here and there, do what you can, and move on.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In like a lion

So far March is living up to the old cliche - "in like a lion"... I just hope we get to see the "out like a lamb". It's been a true winter down here on the coast - I can't remember ever being tired of snow before. I am though. Yesterday had to be one of the most stupidest commutes I have ever had to work. A 12 minute, pleasant drive turned in to close to 2 hours of gridlock, slippery, crazy drivers with bad tires skidding all over the place, jack-knifed buses, a true hellish time on the road. At the point where I made the decision to pull a U-turn, an accident of the bottom of my hill happened and the traffic to work in front of me opened up and all of a sudden it became pretty clear sailing the rest of the way in to work.

I was totally frazzled when I got in to work. Attention span - what attention span?

Today dawned cold and clear, and now that I am sitting at my desk, I prefer the static electricity in my hair to wondering how I am going to get home in the snow!

What's interesting? This baby seems to be a mover - I am not sure if it is just a different awareness, or perhaps not having as much going on in my life, but this baby seems to move around a lot, which is cool. It is a hard feeling to describe, as you can feel your baby shifting around, or when your belly muscles contract with a huge baby shift, or when you look at yourself naked, and you can see that bump starting to assert yourself. It's a neat time of wonder, what are you going to be like baby, what are you going to look like, and for Brandon, hopefully it is cool to be a big brother.. other than that, settling back in to routines - and time continues to fly (most of the time).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Pregnant Ego

The last morning of flying solo dawned crisp and clear. B slept in (yay), got my shower in with no fuss, Ken called, B woke up, morning started to roll.

I was pretty much on time to get B to daycare, until I had a "what the hell do I wear today" moment, standing in front of my closet. I foolishly decided to try on a few of my old maternity tops. I think my body has shape-shifted a bit since B, and well, I am lighter than I was with him (not by much, but enough) that putting on the old tops instantly added about 20 pounds, and thrashed my ego.

Why do they make plus-sized maternity tops the same length as a dress? Hmm. Cover your belly, your ass, and the top part of your thighs. Ah yes, make the pregnant belle feel like a beached whale, or in the very minimum, worse about herself than shopping for a bathing suit. Lets cover everything big with draping material and see how she feels. I quickly went through three tops, and then grabbed an old, non-preggers top that is pretty flattering. Instant 25 pound weight loss. Whatever, who knows if I will ever wear those tops again. Too bad, they look good on the hanger...

Can't say I am a big fan of maternity clothes. I may buy a few loose skirts, or maybe a few bigger sized t-shirts, but that will be it. Maybe spring for some nice flats to wear with those skirts, but I am not going full-out on the maternity wear.

Shortly thereafter, B flooded the bathroom counter top when we were brushing our teeth. I can't say it was a stellar start to my day, I sat my ass back down and thought, I think I am about a have a moment, but it passed pretty quickly since I had just put on some mascara, moments like this makes great stand up comedy... hitting the grocery store on the way home, grab some dinner, and then back to the family unit once again.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I am not going to win awards for supermom of the year

Hats off to you Nej for having to be the everything for your boys and straddling two households. I know your kids are older, but man, it still takes a lot of energy and a lot of attempts at some kind of balance to keep a handle on your sanity when your hubby is not in town..

This weekend went by a lot faster than I thought it would. Definitely got in a lot of quality time with B, had a few moments, such as him filling his swimming diaper with a mighty poo on the way to the wave pool yesterday (thankfully we had extra pants) so he a thorough cleaning and shower and a new swimmer prior to even entering the pool, and then having to clean out the somewhat stinky car seat once we got home, to him being the energizer bunny and not taking a nap yesterday, to him falling out of bed (at the end of it, not the side) and scaring the crap out of me on Saturday, to me catching his finger in the gate at the top of the stairs when I had him helping me wash some clothes and him screaming in pain and shaking and me worrying about breaking his poor finger (he's okay)... to not getting my baking done, or housecleaning, or laundry (had a load going at 6am today). Bah. It'll get done later. The gals from my bookclub are coming over tonight, and I think I will start with the caveat that "what you see is what you get" since I want to attempt grocery shopping on the way home since we are down to but a few diapers, a little fruit, and milk (a few staples in other words).

We did have fun at the aquarium, and the train, and getting ice cream (little duffer can consume an adult sized scoop with a huge smile and little wastage), and then eating pasta and hanging out, and hitting the pool, and being a good shopper, and reading books in bed. So much for trying to connect with a few gals on the net, I was more than likely asleep.

Officially six months along today - wow. Most days, the time is flying. It feels like the weeks are just clicking along. I still wouldn't say that I look obviously pregnant (in most of my clothes) and I am glad most things fit. I haven't quite figured out what I am willing to spring for when it comes to maternity wear. I am half thinking that for work I will ride it out in a bunch of loose skirts. Maybe just invest in some good flats... I am feeling good, just not all that energetic after 9pm. I haven't had any big cravings, but I would say that my complexion hasn't been great this time around. I have been half tempted to try on my wedding dress - this is pretty much where I was at when I was preggers with Brandon when we got married. Later on this month, it will be three years! Woo woo!

I am now reading at a snail's pace. Nights just aren't that long.. I had a few good things to rant about over the weekend, but they seem to have escaped me on this monday morning. If they come to me, I shall post again.