Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Strange day.

Today has felt like a bit of a comedy of errors at times, and then hurry up and wait, and yet, all in all, it has been a fine day.

Funny how when the sun is shining, it helps.

Success. Brandon actually has fallen asleep for a nap without me laying next to him, waiting for hours, hoping he would fall asleep. I went and sat at the computer, frittering away time and trying not to give in and go see him, and waited him out. I talked back to him, told him I would there in a sec, and then, all of a sudden, silence. It was strange. I went to check on him and he was flaked out, on the edge of his bed, like he fell asleep mid-sentence. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! No fight, just some stalling, and he's asleep. This is a big deal for me/us.

All good at my check in appointment (6 months, O M G) at the docs, and Brandon is also doing really well too (he saw his neurologist). Apparently he is awesome, we are winning, and well, it is somehow between him being really bright and motivated, and apparently, I am a pretty strong advocate whom has been doing the right stuff with him. Some days it doesn't feel like I do enough, but whatever we are doing is working, and he is more than ahead of the game. It's a big deal. There are so many unknowns, and so much the doctors can't tell you, and what we have gone through - well, they have no answers just that it truly is a random thing that cannot be easily explained, you just deal. Which really sucks, because human nature is that you want answers, but they aren't forthcoming. So, you deal, move on, and do what you can. Which is what we do. Kind of like money, have your freak out here and there, do what you can, and move on.

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