Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In like a lion

So far March is living up to the old cliche - "in like a lion"... I just hope we get to see the "out like a lamb". It's been a true winter down here on the coast - I can't remember ever being tired of snow before. I am though. Yesterday had to be one of the most stupidest commutes I have ever had to work. A 12 minute, pleasant drive turned in to close to 2 hours of gridlock, slippery, crazy drivers with bad tires skidding all over the place, jack-knifed buses, a true hellish time on the road. At the point where I made the decision to pull a U-turn, an accident of the bottom of my hill happened and the traffic to work in front of me opened up and all of a sudden it became pretty clear sailing the rest of the way in to work.

I was totally frazzled when I got in to work. Attention span - what attention span?

Today dawned cold and clear, and now that I am sitting at my desk, I prefer the static electricity in my hair to wondering how I am going to get home in the snow!

What's interesting? This baby seems to be a mover - I am not sure if it is just a different awareness, or perhaps not having as much going on in my life, but this baby seems to move around a lot, which is cool. It is a hard feeling to describe, as you can feel your baby shifting around, or when your belly muscles contract with a huge baby shift, or when you look at yourself naked, and you can see that bump starting to assert yourself. It's a neat time of wonder, what are you going to be like baby, what are you going to look like, and for Brandon, hopefully it is cool to be a big brother.. other than that, settling back in to routines - and time continues to fly (most of the time).

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Nicole said...

Heheheh...I booked yesterday off last week.

And froze my butt off this morning waiting for the train and the bus. Damn, it is cold.