Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Pregnant Ego

The last morning of flying solo dawned crisp and clear. B slept in (yay), got my shower in with no fuss, Ken called, B woke up, morning started to roll.

I was pretty much on time to get B to daycare, until I had a "what the hell do I wear today" moment, standing in front of my closet. I foolishly decided to try on a few of my old maternity tops. I think my body has shape-shifted a bit since B, and well, I am lighter than I was with him (not by much, but enough) that putting on the old tops instantly added about 20 pounds, and thrashed my ego.

Why do they make plus-sized maternity tops the same length as a dress? Hmm. Cover your belly, your ass, and the top part of your thighs. Ah yes, make the pregnant belle feel like a beached whale, or in the very minimum, worse about herself than shopping for a bathing suit. Lets cover everything big with draping material and see how she feels. I quickly went through three tops, and then grabbed an old, non-preggers top that is pretty flattering. Instant 25 pound weight loss. Whatever, who knows if I will ever wear those tops again. Too bad, they look good on the hanger...

Can't say I am a big fan of maternity clothes. I may buy a few loose skirts, or maybe a few bigger sized t-shirts, but that will be it. Maybe spring for some nice flats to wear with those skirts, but I am not going full-out on the maternity wear.

Shortly thereafter, B flooded the bathroom counter top when we were brushing our teeth. I can't say it was a stellar start to my day, I sat my ass back down and thought, I think I am about a have a moment, but it passed pretty quickly since I had just put on some mascara, moments like this makes great stand up comedy... hitting the grocery store on the way home, grab some dinner, and then back to the family unit once again.

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Regan said...

I once saw a makeover show with pregnant ladies and there were no tents... everything came in under the belly even if it was loose and flowing over top (like with a gather or a loose drapey belt. Those ladies looked amazing!