Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lost something...

This is fantasy in a totally different direction.

If you love Literature, and get off on your grammar... I think you would really enjoy these books.

I liked it... but it wasn't a speedy read or one that kept me up at night.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Some days are important to make note of.

Shit. It is already June 20th. How did this happen? Oh yes.  Life hasn't been dramatic, but it has been busy. I like to say that the days slip, and it really does seem to be the way it happens.  You get so caught up in trying to make it through the day, the next few days, the weekend, the week, that all of a sudden a month is gone and your kids are getting big so fast and you look at your spouse and you both have grey hair and I really don't feel that old.

It is Father's Day, and I hope my hubby felt some of the love directed his way from the kids.  He got cool hand made gifts this year.  I also got to see my dad this morning at both of my kid's events, and that was really important.

I really didn't think that lacrosse would be one of those things in Connor's life that would have a huge impact.  This has been a great season.  Connor has improved so much over the last three months, and his team has been great.  Amazing coaches, great parents, and the kids have embraced Connor.  We have found the sport combination between hockey and lacrosse that Connor seems to be finding his place in.  So much for baseball. I really tried.  Lacrosse has been SO MUCH MORE. Finished off a tournament and they went undefeated.  Connor was running, and a guy bounced off of him, and he almost got a goal.  Pure awesome.  They got their medals, which was even better in their eyes!

Brandon has also rode in his yearly riding event.  I really didn't think he would this year, and there were moments I thought he was going to quit.  He didn't.  He chose to stay.  He chose to continue on, and to be a part of the horse show.  He did amazing.  Best ever.  I almost cried and felt a bit overwhelmed. I cannot believe some of the people that have come in to our life and left their mark ever since we started on Brandon's unusual journey with CP and hydrocephalus. I am humbled by some of their grace, and love, and how generous they can be.

I was washed in pride for my kids today. They both did well in their sports.  They were in glorious moments, and it happened on a Father's Day.  How cool is that?

Grade 1 and Grade 4 are almost done.  Brandon is almost done with traditional daycare settings, and Connor has a year or two left. The winds of change are upon us, and things are going to shift again.  It will be amazing to see where the boys are at by the end of the summer.  Some weeks with their folks, some camps, see where they get to.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Sometimes it is good to blog in the moment so I don't lose some of the thoughts that are rattling around in my brain. I do think that when so much can happen in any given day (work, commute, meals, kids, sports, cats, laundry, food shopping, friends, Facebook) if you don't stop to reflect for a few moments, you can truly lose so much as it just becomes a bit of white noise in your life.

This was a great YA book.  It seems that there have been many more YA books peppered in to my daily reading in the last few years. I am so grateful I opened my eyes and my heart to different books.

I never thought that the first time I read about someone with hydrocephalus it would be in a book such as this.  First line in the book essentially talks about this kids' water on the brain and how he was lucky to be alive.  And then life moved on.

Isn't that just the thing? Life is complex. Life is many things.  At one point, our main character comes to realize that he may be a Spokane Indian, and more nomadic than his peers, he is also part of the people that love basketball, and comics, and reading.  This is a book about community, and growing up poor and Indian and on the rez, and how it can be such a terrible cycle to break to get out of a life without hope and to get farther than two miles from where you are born. I did some googling, and apparently this book is BANNED in some schools! THIS IS A GREAT read!! It is a coming of age novel that tackles some pretty heavy topics, but isn't that life? We cannot pretend for our kids that crappy things don't happen.  We can't put our kids in plastic bubble wrap and think they will never get hurt, or their heart's broken.  We need to build resilience.  Foster hope.  Encourage joy.  Keep them curious.  This is a great book and would be an interesting addition to grade 8 - 10 curriculum, especially from a different perspective that we don't always hear from.

So many different things you could say about this book.  I enjoyed it.  I thought so, until I read the first few lines, wigged out a bit, slept on it, and carried on.  I laughed, and I ached for this poor kid.  Human experiences, I think we can all relate to a part of a book like this.

Friday, June 10, 2016

This one had promise ... but ...

The writing was fair, the characters started off showing some promise.. and then I started to lose interest because the story just seemed a bit predictable by the end and I found myself getting a wee bit frustrated and turning the pages faster and faster until I finished the book.

Very average.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


This was better than I thought! A totally different choice for book club this month, and I found that I really enjoyed reading about Lowe's life.  I was surprised about some things, and I really enjoyed reading the passages about when he was making the 'Outsiders' movie.  Reading the stories about growing up with Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez as your best buddies was a bit crazy after having been a little younger and watched all those brat pack movies.

There were good stories, and insights (such as being surprised about Lowe's sobriety), and Lowe comes off fairly self aware and intelligent (not just a pretty face).  Some of his comments about fellow actors were interesting (such as how talented and driven Patrick Swayze was).

This book didn't dish out on people, or throw them under the bus, you get the impression that Lowe truly loves his wife and is grateful for her, and that he made mistakes when he was younger. The stories are good, however, they don't get in to the really nitty gritty details of what really was happening, but I think enough details are revealed to keep you interested as you read this book.