Friday, November 30, 2007

Another extra one.

What have I started??? An endless stream of posts??? Not likely. But the ride has been great.

We were all set to go and watch Ken play tonight.. it was an early game... got home early, dinner done, in jammies and an snuggly outfit to be warm in, got our gear packed and out to the truck... can you feel the but coming in yet? Brandon was a little fussy tonight.. not bad, but considering he has cut 2 teeth this week, he has done really well. Ran an errand to the bank, started driving down our hill to the gas station, and I hear a large belch, a rushing liquid sound, and then the smell hit me.

Instantly I had a happier kid, and denial attempted to kick in, and finally I gave in and turned down our road to head for home.

I carried him in, pulled off all his clothes, cleaned up him up, created a whole load of laundry, I am not sure what I am going to do about my wool coat with puke all over it, and then I thought maybe - just maybe - there was so much puke on the blanket, clothes, etc that perhaps most of it was caught and the car seat wouldn't be so bad.

Yeah. Not so much. Now that Brandon is asleep I have to haul the chair out and pull off the fabric parts and straight in to the wash. You need an engineering degree to take it apart and get back together again (sometimes a stretch for an arts student, but I am crafty so I pull through.. LOL) and my truck has that funky smell happening in it. I am sure tomorrow morning he is going to be staving, just everything evacuated his stomach!

That was my Friday night - lofty plans, gone. I feel bad - Ken has no idea what has happened to us. I left him a text and a message, but he is on the ice. I hope he isn't too worried... at least I have a good book. No, wait. I am doing laundry first. Letting it sit just isn't worth it.

That was a month?

In the last 30 days I have posted more than I did for 3 months...

It's been ... something. Some days I am right on it, and have stuff to say, and other days I am staring at a blank canvas wondering what direction I should travel in.

I am glad it is Friday. I haven't slept great all week (lots of wake ups) and my mood has been a bit funky at times. I love my new job, but it has been a strange training period. I haven't really had much. A lot of my training has come through questions, and me just going through files, and indoctrinating myself in to this new world. I think the small niche I have found myself in is like that, you slowly immerse yourself in to the details with pockets of absolute chaos. I figure I am doing at least well, nothing has really been said so I must be at least flying under the radar. I am still getting to the gym most days at lunch, and I am enjoying the walk to and from the car... it is great to not be stuck in my office all day, not aware of the time or even what it is doing outside. The views from here are amazing, especially now that there is snow on the mountains.

Tomorrow night I have my last function from my previous job - I am attending a board recognition event at the presidents place... sounds hoity toity and I am still not sure what I am going to wear. Not my usual cup of tea - it will be interesting to see how the other half lives!

So this is it - I will see if I can post a little more than what I was prior to all this Woo Haa Bla HAa Haa... although it is time to pay some attention to Brandon's neglected rambles. When the chips are down, October was a much more interesting month (event and picture wise) than November was. This was a month of a great shopping trip, and then our first major cold for the season. Now it is time to gear up for the big wave of holiday festivities. I am aiming high - cards out by next weekend, and lights up this weekend... and shopping.. well, that will be last minute as ever....but shooting for the 21st....I am sure that the reality will look a lot different than my lofty goals.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

An extra one?

It happened years ago when I discovered that while I really enjoy a good pint, I am quite particular about what beers I am going to order.. it has become the same with coffee.

I rarely (if ever) buy drip coffee, and will either go for an americano, a latte, or a mocha.. depending on how rich I am feeling. Or how many calories I want... it seems that a lot of coffee shops aren't doing such a great job at providing a really good coffee anymore. Either that, or I am a lot pickier about what I get for my hard earned bucks.

So, yesterday, in the midst of my shitty morning... I decided to spring and get a mocha on the way to that training session. Usually the folks are great here about making them just right (read hot enough). I asked for a skim milk mocha.. and the guy totally went to town on the chocolate syrup. And it wasn't really that hot either. I don't want to scarf back my $4 dollar drink (sans alcohol) in less than 5 minutes.. please and thanks. I ended up chucking the last 1/3rd because it was like syrup at the bottom and was too sweet to drink. Just because I ordered skim milk with whipping cream doesn't mean you add an extra five billion calories to my coffee by adding the whole container of chocolate.. or wait.. did I look like I was stressing that badly... no... I think I don't wear all of my emotions on my sleeve that badly.

Figures. I was on a roll yesterday. Nothing was working out how I expected it to.

This afternoon when I slump, I am reaching for a tea!

Speaking of going for a coffee, here is a shameless plug for the best show to hit the airwaves in a long time. Season Two has started.. check it out if you get the chance.. this show ROCKS. It is called Rent-a-Goalie... and I can even forgive it taking place in TO because this is a damn funny show.

So close....

This morning I just wanted to crawl back under my covers and hide.

Yesterday had it's moments, but it certainly wasn't one of my stellar days. Although today looks better, I am having a hard time shrugging off my pissy pants. I guess you can't be a ray of sunshine all the time.

I made chicken pot pie last night for the first time... it was good, but not the meal you want to make while trying to feed and entertain a toddler. I created my typical chaos in the kitchen. It's hard when you don't have a lot of space to work in... although I wonder if that will truly make a difference when (one day I hope...) to have a larger kitchen. I have never been a clean and tidy baker. My wonderful things seem to like to emerge from chaos.

I have been on a reading blitz since I finished my last, more literary book. I plowed my way through the Blue Zone, which was a fairly average read. It wasn't a bad book, it just could have been more, especially with the complicated plot twists that were woven in to this read. This could have been fleshed out more, not quite so rushed. I think then I would have enjoyed it more.. this was like a 2 hour movie that got edited down to just under 90 minutes IMHO. I am also double-fisting... I am reading a Deaver book at work (The Cold Moon, it has all the attention to detail I wanted from BZ) and a Reichs one at home (Break no Bones) which is also a real page turner. The nice part is that I went on a real Reichs bender last year after I discovered her and read all the books she had already published so picking this one up is like revisiting an old friend. I find my reading habits amusing. It is smells like a literary book, I take more time, take it in more, less of a pleasure read (in the escapist sense) and more of a thoughtful and introspective read.. and then there are the other books, which are the romps through the literary landscape that really don't seem to take so long to devour.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the home stretch...

Today is going south.. fast.

Started with a total brush off from a coworker from another department. I have no idea what I said, but I don't think I have ever had a brush off like that. I didn't know how to respond. I don't know if my face turned red or not. All I know is that I felt like crap after, and, so much for being a nice guy in the future. Wanker.

Then it took me about 8 tries to get some labels printed out the right way. My relationship with our printer seems to have also suffered.

It also seems I have had a financial misunderstanding that will be interesting to unravel and a car dealership has really gone down in my estimates by a significant degree.

I am heading out for lunch, and am doing a training workshop this afternoon learning about the latest version of my word processing program. I have no idea what to expect... lets hope I learn a few new tricks.

I feel like I should run for the hills, make some comfort food, and perhaps a spiked hot chocolate.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How many more days?

Ah, the lament of many a na-blo-what-did-you-sign-up-for would be ... what now??

I just dropped a lot of money at the evil empire grocery shack. I also saved $80 in coupons! It truly does pay to be a savvy shopper. It seems every year, about this time, I go "crazy" and do a really big shop and load up on stuff so I really only need to stop in and get the necessities for the next few weeks. I was stuck in the time tunnel for almost 2 hours.. but it is done! Of course, there nearly had to call in help for the heart attack I nearly had when the bill was totaled up...I still have more stuff to put away, but the meat has been repackaged and the fridge stuff put away. The rest can wait.

Apparently we may get more of a dusty of that white stuff tomorrow. Which means chaos here on the coast, since we rarely get it and so many people panic and can't drive in the damn stuff.

I normally don't like to vent but... my brother irks me at times. He finagled a deal for a big tv and therefore needed us to move our cars from the back so he could grab my dad's truck and then back it in for an easy exit (he lives in our suite next door). Well, I went out for the shopping, and Ken went out for hockey... and the little wanker decided he was too tired to move the truck back around the house and give us back our convenient parking spots because he was tired.... he just doesn't get it. We all put in long days... It isn't that we can't walk around the house to get in our cars tomorrow.. it is that it will be damn cold, Ken will be carting Brandon and it makes our life easier to use our parking spot. Needless to say, the truck has been moved, but it was my effort to get it done, not his. I guess it's easy to be truly a selfish twit at times if you are flying solo. Ah hell, he has always been like that, perhaps because he was really catered to by my parents growing up... man, do I sound like an older sibling??? It pisses me off that he just doesn't get that little courtesies could go a long way, especially when we have lent many a helping hand. Whatever. I am just whining. Sometimes he can be a little shit. He is my brother, so of course it is a written rule that I can call him that... you can.. but only when it is truly justified.. LOL

Monday, November 26, 2007

What to say?

Clean up day - general clean up and shake out the dust from edges day. It is amazing how things move during the week and so many clothes can get dirty in the space of 7-10 days.

Load after load of laundry... and I spent what felt like hours cleaning up the kitchen. I am a great cook but a shitty clean-up-as-I-go person... should be a resolution.. but I try to get better at it.. I do for a while, and then I fall off of the wagon.

It's nice.. I can most of the floor again, and most things are put away. I think I may end up with a quiet moment or two for myself. Of course, once I sit down... one or both of the cats jump on me, starved for attention. Poor buggers.

With Christmas around the corner, I feel the urge to make some lists...and I am contemplating the wisdom of doing a big shop this week rather than next. It all comes down to coupons.. and checking that list and what I have tucked away in my coupon envelope. I do watch prices, and try to buy in bulk when I can - it half pisses me off how much you can save if you can afford to buy in bulk - I started buying the boxes of chicken breasts because you can usually get 4kg for about $27.. which is a helluva better than buying enough for 1 dinner for $7 bucks... It's just shelling out the initial bucks.. like buying good shoes.. they cost but they save you a mitt load in the long run. I love coupons.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our first family skate...

Ken's work held a fund raiser last night in support of the food bank, etc. It started with a family skate, and then a hockey game. Since Ken was running in between hockey games, I grabbed Brandon and took him for his first skate!! I pushed him around in his stroller, and was in my glory. I wasn't conscious of it, but I guess I was going "wheeeeee" around the corners because all of a sudden I heard this little voice doing the same thing!! It was cool - skating around in circles with my boy - I called Nej from the ice, I had to share this quintessential Canadian moment with someone dear, especially since Ken was en route. When he got to the rink, he joined for a few minutes, and then played in his second game (I remember those days well). At the end, he took Ken for his own skate... after winning the challenge game, it was like a victorious skate with your kid with the cup.. LOL

Brandon also had his first picture taken with Santa.. he truly does not look all that thrilled.. but he wasn't screaming and crying like some kids do the first time they see the guy in red! In fact, he looks quite blase about the whole thing...

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ah Nej. I have flown under the radar for a while.. and I guess my number was up...and ya tagged me for a meme. Which in a way, I can almost be thankful for... because as she so succinctly put it... it is getting close to a month of continual posting and sometimes the topics are getting a little... not quite so lively, let us say.

So, without further delay:

(x) Been to Canada - Lived here all my life. Unlike many, I was actually born on the coast..

(x) Been to Mexico - A few times.

( ) Been to Florida - No.

(x) Been on a plane - Many times, and I love flying. I hope to fly somewhere warm next year. I see us all on a beach with palm trees and free time.

(x) Been lost - Yeah. Embarrassingly enough.

( ) Been on the opposite side of the country - does crossing the Rockies in Canada count?

(x) Swam in the ocean - Yep.

(x) Cried yourself to sleep - On rare occasions

(x)Played cops and robbers - Yep. Been a few years though.

(x) Played with a Tonka Truck - Yup, although we are in little kid friendly mode around our house....

(x) Recently colored with crayons - Does chalk count?

(x) Sang karaoke - poorly. once. only once.

(x) Paid for a meal with only coins - Erm. I was a university student for a long, long time so I am going to plead the fifth on this one.

(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? - Absolutely.

(x) Made prank phone calls - Oh yeah. We thought we were the height of hilarity.

(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue - yes.

(x) Danced in the rain - I grew up in Vancouver. I think it might be the law.

(X) Written a letter to Santa Claus - Hundreds. I didn’t want to take any chances.

(x) Been kissed under the mistletoe - Yep

(x) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about - Yes

(x) Blown bubbles - Yes! So much fun, especially with babies!

(x) Made a bonfire on the beach - yes.

(x) Crashed a party - yes.

( ) Crashed a wedding

( ) Crashed a funeral - (Clearly I don’t go where I’m not wanted- ditto)

(x)Gone ice-skating - yes, in school. In fact.. I am taking Brandon for his First Ice Skating session tonight... although I am going to push his ass around in a stroller...

1. Any nicknames? Kazzy, variations on my last name(s), Trouble, Special K

2. Mother’s name? Winnie

3. Favorite drink? Mochas that are the right temperature

4. Any tattoos? one - on my lower back

5 Body piercing? only my ears. (3 holes)

6. How much do you love your job? I love it my new job, it has changed my life.

7. Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere near water, the less people around the better.

8. Ever been to Africa? Yes, and I want to go back. I only saw one very small corner of it.

9. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? Yes

10. Ever been on TV? I am not sure, so probably not.

11. Ever steal any traffic signs? Yes. In fact, one of them still hangs in my backyard. Interesting to note, it was one I stole with Nej about 15 years ago.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

12. Ever been in a car accident? yes but only small ones (2)

13. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? Yes.

14. Favorite pie? Apple. Hands down.

15. Favorite Number? 55 (ok I have a few fav numbers)

16. Favorite movie? Changes all the time. Today: Toy Story. This is harder to question to answer as I have less time to actually watch whole movies right now...

17. Favorite holiday? a toss up between Halloween and Christmas and St. Paddy's Day

18. Favorite dessert? creme brule

19. Favorite food? tex mex

20. Favorite day of the week? Saturdays.....

21. Favorite brand of body wash? Water

22. Favorite toothpaste? Colgate Total

23. Favorite smell? smell of the ocean

24. What do you do to relax? Read, go for a massage, head to the beach or the woods

25. Do you have a message to your friends reading this? Howzit hanging?

26. How do you see yourself in 10 years? More education, higher up the food chain at work, maybe have 2 kids (decides what loops fate throws us for) celebrating our 16th anniversary together.. Brandon will be 11!!!

27. Furthest place you will send this message? Depends on who stops by for a spell.

28. Who will respond the fastest? Not a clue. Tag! To my blogger friends reading this.. if you follow through with it... lemme know... or wait.. I probably am lurking on your website so I may even figure it out!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I drove really shitty cars for a lot of years. Cars that rusted apart, sputtered, and died. The cars and trucks I have owned have had gas leaks, blown tires, rads explode in a bust of steam and water, thrown rods through the engine block, had tail pipes fall off, the ceiling fabric fall down like a giant marshmallow, clutches go, brakes fall of the moving vehicle going down the steepest hill you could possibly imagine, and just about everything else you can imagine.

We also went with one vehicle for the longest time, and this year, we finally have reached the plateau of not only having two cars, but we have two newer cars which means that it has almost been a year of not worrying whether or not your car is going to get you where you need to go.

Why the long preamble for todays post? Well, it is Friday, and I am waxing poetic apparently. This morning I pulled in for my usual frantic spot so I could run out of my truck and get my freezing ass in to covered buildings, I stood and did the fob press to lock the doors, and just before I hit it the second time to make it honk.... someone else did theirs... so it was a smaller honk, and then my more robust honk!

We both looked at each other as we made it to the sidewalk and laughed.. she said "I know it's annoying.. but.." and I agreed with her, both laughing because for some stupid reason it is assuring to hear that stupid honk because then you know your vehicle is actually locked up.

So speaketh the girl who made a career out of locking her keys in the car when she was young. In fact, not only locking the keys in the car... but locking the keys in the car with the engine running and lights on. Nothing like calling BCAA to come and jump start your car... bring you some gas... and fish your keys out. Makes you feel like a total tool. I think I only did the hat-trick once... or once is all that I am willing to admit to!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

flush... please

I would in a public environment. Which means that the bathrooms are open to the public. Some bathrooms are heavily trafficked, some, not so much (which are the ones I tend to gravitate towards because they are a little cleaner).

Why do so many people not flush?

How hard is it to pull that lever, especially when you should be heading over to wash your hands right away anyways???

It isn't so bad in the mornings, but in the afternoon, you kick open a stall door, and it is like winning the lottery, it is either a terrible mess or somewhat passable. It's not like I work in a mall, I am in a place where folks are striving to make more of themselves, yet you would never make this connection from the state of the can. It is gross. I don't need to see your mess. Or your pubic hairs left behind on the seat. Flush that mess away. Pay it forward.

Nothing like papering everything in sight, doing your best hovercraft impersonation, and reciting the alphabet when you wash your hands....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting smarter at this

It seems that as the month goes on, the posts get smaller, more succinct and to the point.

I have also learned, especially after having been called out, it is easier to post in the morning.. and if I can fill it out later on in the day, great.. if not.. no worries.

I have totally let Brandon's site slide this month... and haven't downloaded any pics for weeks. October was a crazy month - we were busy all the time, and lots of events... and this is a quieter month... and already gone at that... Brandon slept in today... and it was glorious after his 4am wake up call yesterday!

These girlie boots I bought... I guess cheaper isn't always better because it hasn't been an hour and my feet hurt already. This is the first time I am wearing the taller black ones - it is so different looking down and seeing a flashy boot instead of a square toe... I know this is somewhat geeky, but after unisex boots for so many years, it is strange to have a more feminine pair on, and then to also remember why all those unisex boots were a better quality - sore feet suck. Eventually I will have to invest in a slightly not so high heeled and better quality black leather (not pleather) pair of boots.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

back at 'er

Back at work, and all is well.

I think I made a damn good choice coming here. Feels good in my bones. Always scary missing almost a week of work when you have only been at a new job for a month.... been slightly freaking, but my boss was awesome about it - you don't plan to be sick (unless mental health days count when your job is really going down the toilet).....

I've been up since just after 4am.

Apparently the little guy is feeling much better and is quite hyper. Hopefully he goes down for a really good nap today... I wish I could...

Monday, November 19, 2007

how many more days?

The thing I like about NaBloPoMo is being able to see more comments from the daring friend that actually also agreed to doing this (independently of course). Some days, it is a real struggle trying to remember to sit down and do the daily post, or to come up with some catchy little snapshot of my day.

The cold is on its way out, and it was a crappy one. Even with all the extra sleep (from not working while I have been home with Brandon) I have run the gauntlet of the runny nose, sore throat, cough, chesty bits, and all the lovely accoutrements that go along with it. 6 am is going to come around damn early again tomorrow.

Went grocery shopping today and got trapped in the time vortex that seems to happen in one of those big box grocery stores - I lost 2 hours!!!! And it seems like I am spending more on groceries these days then ever before. Then again - we really don't eat out much anymore... but still. On the other hand, spending more money has meant that we aren't always running out of things either... which is nice.

Ya, I know, a boring post.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My nails...

I took my mom to the spa to get our nails done today in celebration of her birthday, and me needing to use up a gift certificate that I got last Christmas. It took this long to finally get in... since I really don't splurge all that often, I really wanted to make sure that I did it at a time that I would get max value out of the GC.

My toes are "russian blue" and Ken figures that they are black... I guess they are really dark.. and he teased me about reverting back to my goth days... which is funny, because I never did go in for the dark polish or bleached white face and black hair (although I did really like industrial music there for a phase)....

I also sprung and got a manicure.. which will probably be my last. Yah, it looks nice.. but really, not so practical. And really, not all that better than what I can myself (for free). A pedicure feels like a real treat, a manicure.. not so much for me. Pedicures and back massages.. woo woo!!

For a family dinner we got volunteering to bring some beer - O M G ! !! ! it's been a long time since I was doing the buying because beer ain't CHEAP anymore!! It was $28 bucks for a case (being 12 lonely beers, not a 2-4)!!!!!!!! I sound like a geezer, but man, price of beer has skyrocketed next to our gas prices!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A greek hermaphrodite you say?

One of the unexpected pleasures of hooking up with my small and wonderful group of ladies for book club is the joy of discovering books that I may not have otherwise.

I felt slightly guilty this morning, finishing Middlesex furtively while Brandon played quietly beside me (which was quite endearing, we were both flipping through books, and at one point he climbed up on my lap and I swooned with a wonder that perhaps my boy will come to love books nearly as much as I do)... I finally finished this great novel, and when I flipped over that last page, I actually caught myself flipping through the last few that were blank, checking to make sure that this book was actually done!!

What a read!!!! For me, one of the best books I have read all year, hands down. I never would have imagined a story told through the eyes of a second generation Greek-American hermaphrodite would capture my imagination, but have me turning page after page, waiting to see what juicy tidbit would be revealed next! I thoroughly recommend this book (even if it became a selection of the month by a certain famous lady) and was sad to have turned that last page.

A few one liners that really stuck out, such as when "confronted with the impossible, there was no option but to treat it {Cal's hermaphroditism} as normal." Which is a page from the book "it's amazing what you can get used to"and come to call normal. I think this describes my life - normal is what normal does... in your life... there are many gems of insight in this novel, and it is a journey of a book that doesn't look at life freakishly, rather it embraces people, warts and all, offering no excuses, just the way it could be. This is a refreshing work, enlightening at times, other times a bit melancholic, but a worthwhile story indeed. I am sad that I have already put this book behind me, but I really enjoyed the trip.

Now I am diving in to familiar territory before I head back for another somewhat literary read. Back to Agent Pendergast, the uncanny agent penned by Lincoln and Child.

That is one of the things I love about reading - it never has to be the same. You can read a Pulitzer prize winner and then follow it up with a suspenseful thriller that could keep you up at night, and then delve in to the autobiography of a Canadian wrestler. If I am addicted to anything, it is reading.

Friday, November 16, 2007

hair wall

It looks like I am finally going to take the plunge and try out a new hairdresser. Frank pretty much only cuts hair twice a week (yup... that would translate to two lucky, long term clients that know when he is around and when he in the mood to cut hair.. I guess when you have been at it a long time, and have a lot of other irons in the fire beyond cutting hair, you can call your own hours... plus he apparently now suffers from arthritis in his hands.. truth is... he enjoys the business end of the hair biz a lot more than the cutting.. fair enough... I guess I have had enough warning..) and I thought maybe, just maybe, he may be cutting hair at a time I may be able to get in to see him... but alas. Say it isn't so. He only cuts wed-thur-fri mornings (which I will always be working now.. my day off is monday not friday in the NWO)... if he is the mood and his hands don't hurt.

So, there it is.

I guess I take that leap of faith and try out the new dude. I was thinking of going to a guy in the city... but that makes a new hair dresser just as inconvenient to get to as Frank is... which really isn't a help. So I know of a guy (one of Frank's proteges, surprise surprise) at one of Frank's local shops (Frank and his best friend Carm have created a small conglomerate of salons all over the valley) which means it isn't a "big deal" to get in for a cut when the mood strikes.

Like now. It is time. I need a cut. Hell, I needed a cut a few months ago, and the last time I trimmed my bangs I don't think I did such a great job. Perhaps by this time tomorrow, I may be sporting a slightly new and improved "do". Stranger things have been known to happen.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another chapter in a familiar vent

Is there no accountability anymore???

I am way too lazy to pull up previous examples of where I have to call and bitch because things that were supposed to be done, weren't. Whether it be half full containers of formula, or mistakes on cell phone bills, or banking errors not in my favour, it is unreal how vigilant individuals have to be with just about everything.

It is so bloody frustrating. I was really proud we enrolled Brandon up for a RESP, which would qualify him for a CESG. Because our income is at a certain level, we should qualify to get as much grant money we can from the government at a slightly faster rate than the higher income folks do. Right from the get go back in July, I have been asking about the additional amounts. I haven't really been given a clear answer. Until today, when I finally had a response to an email question from a few weeks ago (nothing like prompt service). I was told to come up and fill out another form, and that my adviser had some information for me to look at. The information, totally not relevant as we are above that income cut off. The answer to my question, she couldn't answer and referred me to the investing company. So after talking to them, I was told I needed a specific box checked off on a form. Back to my adviser. Then I was told they would look in to it, and call me back. I did the math. It would only make a $40 difference, but 40 bucks is still 40 bucks, especially when that is money that is actually ending up in savings (which our money rarely does!!!!!). On the call back, apparently their person caught the original mistake in which the box wasn't checked (I have a photocopy of that original) but that it didn't scan over properly (bullshit) but that with the form I signed today, they would make sure that the extra dosh would kick in for this months contribution, etc. It can't be backdated. This isn't my mistake and it is something I have been harping on for months.

We now won't be paying bank fees for the next 5 months.

That is great, but not the point. I should not have to be my adviser's watchdog. Isn't that why she is the adviser and me the lowly client???

Back to my original point. I keep everything now. I check statements, I call when things aren't working right. You have to, otherwise all you do is lose money. Bloody hell.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A bunch of sickies

The year's first really big cold is upon us, and I taking a few days off of work. Which is mildly stressful, considering that I have barely been at my new job a month. A little stressful, but the wee guy comes first. He has had a cold that has been clinging on, and has gone in to his chest a bit. The doc listening, and poked and prodded, doing his thing, and said that I have a "Happy Wheezer" and that he was sick, but not as bad as some of the kids that get it. He has a cold that has turned into an upper-respiratory virus so he has puffers to help him out, and antibiotics as an insurance policy. *SIGH*. Poor guy.

I think my eyes almost popped out of my head when the doc said to keep him out of daycare the rest of the week!! I felt half guilty as I filled his prescription, and half relieved just to get a handle on his cold. It's so much harder when it isn't you that is sick, and it is your kids or hubby, when you try to heal, but it is out of your control.

Last night he was up a lot, coughing, and just not happy. I am overtired, and catching the same cold. And worried about work. I did get an email back from my boss, and she was really cool about it all, but still frustrating that it is out of my hands, and ultimately, I am making the right decision making sure our guy gets well. I guess it goes with the territory of having a toddler. They get sick. Considering every thing new that he has experienced in the last while, it is no wonder.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Girlie Boots

I lurve the boots I bought Saturday.

The stretchy brown ones that come just above my ankles are pretty sweet, and easier to walk in than the almost to the knee stretchy black ones that I bought.

They both have a bit of a pointy toe (which is a good way to elongate the length of your leg, apparently) and a pretty sturdy heel.

Well, I don't seem to have (much) walking issues in the lower brown ones... but the black ones... well that was sheer entertainment value when I wore them on Sunday. I was wobbly. I wasn't graceful. It has been a long time since I have worn heels, and the black ones need inserts so my foot doesn't move around so much - I went a 1/2 size up since they didn't have my true size (and they were a smoking deal) but they are still a decent fit.

It will take time to master the fine art of the girlie boot.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The day that goes....

Crazy cool day.

After many moons of knowing we would connect in person, I got to meet 2 cool chicks that Nej has talked about for a while (to put it mildly). It was a hilarious meeting, and one of those times when you finally meet someone you have heard a bit about and you meet, you feel like you must have already met because you already start out laughing, nice to meet the you in person Betty. It was cool. In fact, it was really cool.

Got some grocery shopping done, managed to get some laundry done, although it is scattered through the house in piles. Got some housework done, I spent hours working on the kitchen although you can't really tell....too many distractions today...

More stormy weather, but the reward came in the form of some sunny patches. There are leaves and branches strewn throughout the yard.

The best part... I got to play hockey!!!! It was a friend's 40th and the surprise party was a game of shinny followed by time upstairs with some beers and grub. First couple of shifts I was feeling a lot rusty, then I hit my groove. I can still play!!! I wasn't the weak link... and it was great for my soul. I wasn't that winded, Brandon did well hanging with a few friends, and my legs don't feel like jello!!! The only downside was that I wasn't on Ken's team.. but that means I got in a few shots from the point... almost scored... but he rocked out in net. Yup. I love to play. When it works out that I can get out there too, I am like a giddy kid.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Today was a long, but really great day. We caught the 7:45 ferry to Vancouver Island and even though it is a 3 hour tour with a few stops in the San Juans, it didn't feel like a 3 hour ferry ride. It was a beautiful, scenic trip through the many islands of every size. Some were barely big enough to dock a boat at, and others were larger, inhabited islands where you could hang your hat for a few days and stay a while. The rains held off, and it wasn't stormy (yet). We had to reserve to do the Anacortes-Sidney run, but the deposit actually came off of our fare, unlike when you reserve with BC Ferries. There is a huge gap between how the 2 ferry systems seem to be run - WSF seems to the "get'er done" cousin, offering simple service often. The ferries are older and serviceable, and not all that swank. What BCF seems to offer is more of an "experience" on really nice ferries with good (read overpriced) eating, up to date everything, and just not as convenient. Unless you travel to the island once a year... who needs all the frills?? Give me more ferries, a little cheaper, and cheap eats.

Doing the run between Sidney and Nanny-Mo for my Gran's 93rd birthday party we noticed a lot of seagulls in the Malahat area. The Malahat is stunning, most times that we have driven through here there are tendrils of mists and rain cloaking its' peaks, and you can't help but look in wonder at the moss dropping from the old growth cedars. It is a place that screams out temperate rainforest, and come take a walk in my trees and streams (yes, I am waxing a little poetic today). The posted provincial park signs (how is that for a little alliteration) proclaimed that it was salmon run time, so we stopped at Goldstream to watch the majestic run of the salmon. I had heard that this was one of the best places to watch the beginning of the spawn, and the rumors are true. You could see hundreds of salmon any where you looked at the river, and seagulls were perched on the rocks - a bit macabre - waiting for the fish (and not always) to do their duty.. you could smell the fecundity since there were corpses along the sides of the river of salmon that had already completed their life cycle. It was truly a sight to see, and I was really glad that we stopped. The parking lots were full and it was a bit of a trek down to the river, but it is humbling to watch.

We continued our blitz up island, had a great afternoon with the family, and then it was almost time to head home. The storm that was called for was rolling in with a lot of wind and rain... which made for an interesting ferry ride back to the coast. It was a wild ride - Ken stayed in the car with Brandon (who was asleep as soon as we were out my aunt's driveway) and my brother and I went topside - the wind and rain lashed us, and we couldn't really make it to the front of the boat it was blowing that hard - you could stand, leaning forward, and the wind filled your clothes and whipped the rain in your face like sharp needles. It was a thrill - there were whitecaps, and rollers, and you just knew that the next ferry (if there was one) would be canceled. Several banks of seats were roped off, and sick bags were left in different areas of the passenger decks (which made me laugh, I guess I should be thankful I don't get seasick).

It was a whirlwind trip, we shopped 'till we dropped, got to see some new sights, and it was great to get away. Now it's hard the last stretch of the year....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time to shop

It was a helluva shopping day at the outlets down south. We shopped, and shopped, and then shopped a little more. I also had both printed coupons, and a coupon booklet.

It never ceases to amaze me how much of an "aware" shopper you need to be in order to get the best deal, even if you aren't a negotiator for your price. It was absolute chaos. I am glad we got there early, and glad that Brandon was sleeping when we arrived because I got a little bit of solo time to run around and try on some boots, and clothes, and put a big scorch streak on my credit card. It was a day where we found most of the things that we wanted... I can't get over the difference in selection, and at times, the price difference too. Brandon also scored - got him a bunch of new PJ sleepers - seems up here they don't make them in his size as a one piece affair, and down south we can find them!

Friday, November 9, 2007

A kick ass friday

I called and whined to the maker of the wipes and being sent some reimbursement.

I also called and did some finangeling to our cell phone provider, which was also successful, and the new plan should mean our bill is cut in half. Which is awesome, because I have had a bit of conflicting information and finally got a "live one" on the other end that was helpful and knew what he was talking about - a combination that doesn't seem that happen every time.

Work was good - even better because it was friday. I am sure that it helped that I had a tea in the morning and a coffee in the afternoon. We all get on pretty well - the vibe in the office is a nice difference to what I had been used to - although it is chaos, there isn't that manic edge of stress.

It's also pay day - which means today is a big bank transaction day - it goes in and out way too fast. *SIGH*.

Well, we head out in a few hours, so I am running around trying to feed the fish, pack our bags, figure out how little I can get away with since we plan to do some shopping, and hope that the border line up isn't complete hell when we get there.

I plan to shop for some girlie shoes. A year off on maternity leave, and a dressier office means that Docs aren't always the most flattering option to go with. For some reason big clunky boots don't look so good (or professional) with dress pants. So I guess Kazzy is growing up and I need some funky grown up shoes to go with the new job, attitude, and all that other crap. In other words, after watching WNTW, I have learned that I should indulge my feminine side a little and get some kick ass shoes! Although, I have always had some great funky shoes, they just need to shift from looking great with jeans to great with pants. It has also been a few years since I have done some serious shoe shopping... almost sounds like I am trying to justify a shoe indulgence. Well, we will have to see what the selection is like...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just bits and pieces of rants.

I can't say that I have been all that thrilled with our ADSL. Some days it really sucks and I am either resetting the damn router or we are rebooting, or we are "repairing our network connections." Pisses me off something fierce. You call and bitch, and well, you don't always get the most helpful staff. I am also not so thrilled with their cell rate plans for existing customers right now... seems like the plan that we want to switch too (one of the 5 friends plans) we can't because we already have a contract, therefore, no joy. Needless to say, I see one of those phone calls on the horizon about the service we are getting because I am not thrilled.

I also need to call and bitch to the makers of the last box wipes I bought. I buy bulk to save some cash, and 2 out 3 big bags weren't properly sealed. Being somewhat thrifty, I dug out a few huge freezer bags, but when you shell out close to $20 for the wipes, and you don't go no name, you expect a little more. That is another one of those calls that is on my list.

Those are the calls you make when you are completely bitchy, can be assertive, and are willing to go to bat for yourself on an inane issue you kind of have to stand up for yourself about or stop whining about it.

I also got to spend an hour learning about our new call retrieval system at work today. What really means, an hour learning about voice mail. Give me the book and I will figure it out myself thanks... although it was well presented... B--o--r---i---n---g and yet seen as a necessary evil. Can't say that was meaningful organizational development for me!

On a total aside, we had a great steak for dinner (one of the key reasons I would not make it as a veg) and well made tiramisu. The night finished off well, although it took a while to get Brandon down... now I am making lists and making sure I have printed out all my coupons for this weekends' shopping trip!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

records management.

It felt like a bit of a chaotic day today.

I got to host a meeting of 4 people in my not-so-big-office today and learn all about how we manage our records. And FOIPOP (for those not in the know, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in Canada). And how to store our transitional files off site, and then have them ordered destroyed. At least there is a systematic approach to everything... although that isn't obvious because there is a fair bit of clutter that still needs to be culled.

I have another title to add to the pile, Records Custodian. I get to be the Grand Pooba of records in my office. There are binders I have inherited. Really dry stuff, kind of like that last Kubrick movie - Eyes Wide Shut... Sorry if you enjoyed that one, but I would rather have watched paint dry.

4th week at work, and so far, so good. I was reflecting a bit, and I do miss a few folks from the old digs, the old familiar routines, but you keep moving forward and there isn't a lot of time to glance back and dwell. Every morning I walk in from the parking lot, I am glad for the changes. I have finally gotten smart - I have brought in some tea for my afternoon lull.

Will miracles never cease, I actually made it back to the gym today, and listened to my friend and actually lifted up my heels on the elliptical machine and therefore don't have angry calves tonight. That felt good too - to be doing something that I have had the intent to do for so long I really didn't bring it up anymore because it was too much like crying wolf.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The soaring loonie

Squeaking in... last minutes... that is me.

Our soaring loonie is a bit unreal. From my banking friends, I know that this isn't exactly the best thing for Canada's economy... but I love seeing our dollar's strength. The buying power, and cheaper holidays in warmer climes. I don't understand why for some items there is such a price discrepancy... I know that down south they have a larger population which equals more buying power... but since when does a pair of baby's Stride Right shoes go for $20 and here go for $60? Why does a tire cost $98 bucks down there, and the same one is $200 here??? I don't mind the couple of bucks difference on books and magazines (and that gap is closing now or retailers are going with the southern price)... or even on items that were bought when the dollar was at a lower rate but those kind of differences blow my mind. It makes shopping excursions down south really make sense. You can save a lot of money!

I think back 5 years when we headed to San Diego for a dear friend's wedding... A dollar got us about 62 cents down south... over the summer... a buck netted us about 90 cents... right now... we get close to $1.09!!!!!!! Wow. It makes me somewhat giddy in a way because we are heading down south for the weekend and are getting tires. It is 1/2 the price it would be here, for better tires. On the other hand, I am proud of how Canada's economy is rolling to have such a strong dollar but filled with mixed feelings when I think of the American economy and how much things have changed in 5 short years for the dollar to do that kind of swing, or when you hear about what is happening in escrow and the sub-prime market - that is some scary stuff!

Monday, November 5, 2007

And I like mondays?

I love having a 3 day weekend... after years of having every other Friday off, I think that Mondays are the better deal. Sunday goes by way too fast, but wait, you have an extra day to get everything done!! Woo woo!! Which in reality means that Monday becomes the day with a big to do list, and time to get'er done before the week really starts up.

Had a decent appointment this morning with Brandon's pediatrician. He has a great manner, really gentle, and so obviously loves kids. It is a joy to have a doctor that truly loves his job, is compassionate, and takes the time to actually talk to you. In a few words, he actually summarized many of my feelings over the last year - the process that resembles grief more than a little bit as your realize that your baby isn't quite perfect, but they are who they are and do find their way and truly, they are perfect, just not that ideal that you envisioned without a fully formed vision. But hell, aren't kids like that, it just depends when, to what degree, just like us, they/ we are perfect in our imperfections and stories. Somewhat like feeling that you don't look so shit hot at some point in your life and going back and looking at pictures, and realizing you didn't look so bad, why was my perception so warped at the time? I can feel my rose coloured glasses slip sometimes, but you have to push em back up again and keep on grabbing life by the horns.

Of course, moments before we left for the appointment Brandon filled his drawers and I ended up deciding to get my carpets cleaned since they were upstairs and the guy was willing to cut me a last minute deal. So race around, vacuum, change a really stinky diaper, get the bottle, grab our coats, and roll. Everything came together beautifully, and traffic was not hell. My carpets look fantastic. From what my mom has to say, the guy was a little surprised at the different the cleaning made. Well, our carpets are well trafficked and it was a job that really needed to be done. The money was well worth not having to rent the machine and spend the hours doing it. $60 bucks when it was said and done... and worth every penny!!!!!

Then grocery shopping in the afternoon (gotta love a 15% coupon off the first $100 first monday and tuesday of the month!!!!) and a trip to our favorite fish store - the fish were out of food and I felt the urge to buy a few new friends... Brandon picked out his first fish (as well as he could) since the tank was at his level, and he hung on to the side for dear life - it was awesome, he had a big smile on his face and he babbled away. Perhaps a lifelong affair with aquariums is in his future too??

For a day off, it feels like work is easier. But I got a lot done.

Wanna bet that at the end of the month I will post mere words and call it a day?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The laundry is done... for the moment...

Nothing like a blank canvas to fill and a bunch of words in your head that decide to log jam before they hits your fingers so you can type them out.

Its been a quiet weekend and my boys are both asleep. This time change has been odd - I don't think that it worked as well as folks anticipated for Halloween, for starters. Although it was nice not driving home in the dark, being dark an hour later meant that the kids just waited until it was dark. Hallowe'ening when it is still light out isn't all that appealing to any kid over 3 or 4, IMHO. Every day this week as I walked to my truck after I work, I was aware that a week from now it would be dark when I went home. I couldn't help but think, is it so bad that it is still light out and I am walking to my car, I am not leaving in the dark??? Regardless, I can't help but think about the solstice, and when the days finally start to stretch out longer again. It would be so different living closer to the equator and not having the defined seasons, and the stretched out days, and then nights. Or having a climate that never really changed much. Sure we have the rain, and the drizzle, and the mist, and the grey days, but it just isn't the same as those sunny climes.

The laundry is done. It is such a relief - last week I spent my Monday off trying to get it all done, only to have it still sitting around in varying piles around the house pretty much until yesterday, only to start the process again. Some weeks I am a rockstar with keeping the house tidy, other weeks, I just wish it was more of a priority so it wasn't so messy. I'm not saying that my house becomes a complete disaster, just needing that hour or so of undistracted tidying up and putting things back to their proper places, putting shoes away, and hanging hats back up, that mundane stuff that for me seems to start to slip in priority sequence by Wednesday. When the chips are down, I figure that must mean my priorities aren't that off, because it is family first, and then rest will figure itself out at the end of the day.

So, that's about it. My calves still hurt from Friday. Apparently I probably should have lifted my heels up more on that damn elliptical machine. I am reading a great book with a totally unorthodox narrator, which I am just about to get back to.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The art of the 'stache

You know it is fall in Canada when the Grey Cup run starts. The slightly less ostentatious cousin of the Superbowl down south.

Well, our local Lions are sporting their 'staches. I think this is awesome. No playoff beards for these guys - the all the bit the shavers and trimmed up the goatees and soul tabs, and are all sporting the mustache for their playoff run. That is right up there with the gals of hockey ceasing to shave their legs on their playoff run. I wish we could fill the stands like they do for the games down south, it is an amazing experience when you are in a crowd of close to a 100,000 people cheering on your team...but for what we have, we can play a damn good game of football and we have crammed the folks in to the dome on more than one occasion.

It's been a quiet day - I really needed the nap I ended up having in the afternoon with Brandon - you know when your mood is flat, and you really aren't that exciting of a person, and you know that coffee isn't going to help you any? Give up the fight, and just catch some Zzzzzzs. Sleep is not over rated. The last week has been full of interruptions because of Brandon's cough and him waking himself up and crying, and hopefully we are at the tail end of it now. I have felt it in my mood, and at times, my lack of my usual patience and nauseating levels of cheeriness. I was just flat today, up until that nap. We even slept in a little!! Funny how you can rob the sleep bank only for so long and then you need to replenish it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

My body doth protest.

Lesson in Life #4682

It is not always wise to buy shoes on ebay, no matter how attractive the price may be.

A 10, is not always a 10 in the world of shoes as I have come to appreciate.

See, I finally got off my ass today and went to the gym here at work on my lunch hour. I have been saying this for years, and well, it has been years since my shade graced the halls of a gym. My goal is to do 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer, the 4 days a week I work. The last 3 weeks I wake up at the godforsaken hour that I do, and well, choose not to grab a bag of workout gear.

However, I figure that after the chocolate binge the other day, I should at least attempt some kind of exercise.

Ironically enough, it wasn't the exercise that was the killer. It was my shoes. I had pins and needles happening down there, and my big toes hurt, pressed up at the end of my shoes.

I went for the good deal and bought my last cross trainers on ebay. Such a great deal I now need a new pair that doesn't deter me from exercise, because frankly, I don't need the help. I guess I will bite the bullet and *gulp* buy the damn things in person and actually try them on before I buy them! Who knew?

When I got off the machine, I nearly fell forward between the hurting feet and just that odd feeling of getting off one of those machines and the world just isn't right for a few steps. I hope I can keep this up - in a few months, it may help to trim off a little extra me. Or, just mean that I am better at keeping up with Junior!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I will give it a shot.

After watching Nej post. And Post. And post. And post last year, I wondered, what would it be like to watch my voice evolve over a month of posting and take part in the NaBloPoMo challenge.

So, here it is. After fighting with that badge to make it link back to their website, I am rolling over and have decided to let it stand as is - a badge.

Last night was cool - Brandon was an elephant and we did the big family tour instead of the hallowe'ening around the 'hood. Out net connection at home is on the fritz, so I haven't been able to upload any recent pics, or ones of the cool pumpkins we did the other night. I love the great pumpkin holiday - the different smells in the air, people out and about in costume, the fireworks (the loot in a few years), and in a quiet moment after everything is said and done, remembering our dead but not forgotten on this eve where they say the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. I think it sucks that so many municipalities have banned the sale of fireworks, yes, I know it gets out of hand sometimes, but come'on. There are so many other ways to hurt ourselves, why don't you give most of us the agency to continue to make that choice for ourselves. Oh yes. Big Brother is watching. Must protect the masses from themselves. Insert an eye roll here.

It was a quiet night around our place - a few bursts of sound, a few kids, but all in all, we have an older neighborhood. Then again, if Brandon was a little older, I may be tempted to take him in to one of those new neighborhoods of condos - I bet that is where a lot of the kids end up! Why spend an hour walking around a big neighborhood to hit 50 houses when you can hit 50 houses in 5 minutes???? Or even the mall??? Honestly, both these options seem wrong to me (for different reasons, see below) especially going to the mall. Perhaps that is my own bias because I am not a mall rat and don't really want to go there unless I absolutely have to.

*PS* I should qualify here - I guess I find the mall wrong, well, just because it is a little too much of a sterile environment and the commercial aspects of it all (plus, apparently their candy sucks)... and about taking your kids to a neighborhood with lots of houses, I am all for that, what gets me here on the west coast is how all of the new development that is happening is blocks of condos, and really dense housing with very little space between folks, very little green space, and so uniform I can't help but react to it. Even though our space isn't that big, we have green space around us, we can't see our neighbors, and we have privacy, things I really value. We are close enough to everything without being in people's pockets. I was a city kid in my early 20s when I wanted to party and be where the action was, now, I would rather be halfway out and in the burbs.

*PSS* I talked to my mom and they only got 12 kids... I think it is more fun on Halloween to go where the crowds are, feel the vibe, check out every one else's costumes.. etc. It is a great night for every sized kid