Sunday, November 18, 2007

My nails...

I took my mom to the spa to get our nails done today in celebration of her birthday, and me needing to use up a gift certificate that I got last Christmas. It took this long to finally get in... since I really don't splurge all that often, I really wanted to make sure that I did it at a time that I would get max value out of the GC.

My toes are "russian blue" and Ken figures that they are black... I guess they are really dark.. and he teased me about reverting back to my goth days... which is funny, because I never did go in for the dark polish or bleached white face and black hair (although I did really like industrial music there for a phase)....

I also sprung and got a manicure.. which will probably be my last. Yah, it looks nice.. but really, not so practical. And really, not all that better than what I can myself (for free). A pedicure feels like a real treat, a manicure.. not so much for me. Pedicures and back massages.. woo woo!!

For a family dinner we got volunteering to bring some beer - O M G ! !! ! it's been a long time since I was doing the buying because beer ain't CHEAP anymore!! It was $28 bucks for a case (being 12 lonely beers, not a 2-4)!!!!!!!! I sound like a geezer, but man, price of beer has skyrocketed next to our gas prices!

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