Monday, November 12, 2007

The day that goes....

Crazy cool day.

After many moons of knowing we would connect in person, I got to meet 2 cool chicks that Nej has talked about for a while (to put it mildly). It was a hilarious meeting, and one of those times when you finally meet someone you have heard a bit about and you meet, you feel like you must have already met because you already start out laughing, nice to meet the you in person Betty. It was cool. In fact, it was really cool.

Got some grocery shopping done, managed to get some laundry done, although it is scattered through the house in piles. Got some housework done, I spent hours working on the kitchen although you can't really tell....too many distractions today...

More stormy weather, but the reward came in the form of some sunny patches. There are leaves and branches strewn throughout the yard.

The best part... I got to play hockey!!!! It was a friend's 40th and the surprise party was a game of shinny followed by time upstairs with some beers and grub. First couple of shifts I was feeling a lot rusty, then I hit my groove. I can still play!!! I wasn't the weak link... and it was great for my soul. I wasn't that winded, Brandon did well hanging with a few friends, and my legs don't feel like jello!!! The only downside was that I wasn't on Ken's team.. but that means I got in a few shots from the point... almost scored... but he rocked out in net. Yup. I love to play. When it works out that I can get out there too, I am like a giddy kid.


Betty said...

Hey you! Yes, I felt exactly the same way, like we have known each other forever. So cool to lay eyes on you at long last.

A chance meeting in a crowded parking lot where intimate items changed hands. What better way to start?

That's right, you can all just keep guessing what really went on!

Bwa ha ha!

Kenniverse said...

Hi Karen, nice to finally write a comment on your blog. The funny thing is this is the first time I've ever been here and I found it completely by accident. I was doing a search for my blog on Google and oddly, it brought me here! Funny that! Talk soon (oh, I did 2 new posts recently). Talk soon.