Saturday, November 3, 2007

The art of the 'stache

You know it is fall in Canada when the Grey Cup run starts. The slightly less ostentatious cousin of the Superbowl down south.

Well, our local Lions are sporting their 'staches. I think this is awesome. No playoff beards for these guys - the all the bit the shavers and trimmed up the goatees and soul tabs, and are all sporting the mustache for their playoff run. That is right up there with the gals of hockey ceasing to shave their legs on their playoff run. I wish we could fill the stands like they do for the games down south, it is an amazing experience when you are in a crowd of close to a 100,000 people cheering on your team...but for what we have, we can play a damn good game of football and we have crammed the folks in to the dome on more than one occasion.

It's been a quiet day - I really needed the nap I ended up having in the afternoon with Brandon - you know when your mood is flat, and you really aren't that exciting of a person, and you know that coffee isn't going to help you any? Give up the fight, and just catch some Zzzzzzs. Sleep is not over rated. The last week has been full of interruptions because of Brandon's cough and him waking himself up and crying, and hopefully we are at the tail end of it now. I have felt it in my mood, and at times, my lack of my usual patience and nauseating levels of cheeriness. I was just flat today, up until that nap. We even slept in a little!! Funny how you can rob the sleep bank only for so long and then you need to replenish it.

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