Sunday, November 4, 2007

The laundry is done... for the moment...

Nothing like a blank canvas to fill and a bunch of words in your head that decide to log jam before they hits your fingers so you can type them out.

Its been a quiet weekend and my boys are both asleep. This time change has been odd - I don't think that it worked as well as folks anticipated for Halloween, for starters. Although it was nice not driving home in the dark, being dark an hour later meant that the kids just waited until it was dark. Hallowe'ening when it is still light out isn't all that appealing to any kid over 3 or 4, IMHO. Every day this week as I walked to my truck after I work, I was aware that a week from now it would be dark when I went home. I couldn't help but think, is it so bad that it is still light out and I am walking to my car, I am not leaving in the dark??? Regardless, I can't help but think about the solstice, and when the days finally start to stretch out longer again. It would be so different living closer to the equator and not having the defined seasons, and the stretched out days, and then nights. Or having a climate that never really changed much. Sure we have the rain, and the drizzle, and the mist, and the grey days, but it just isn't the same as those sunny climes.

The laundry is done. It is such a relief - last week I spent my Monday off trying to get it all done, only to have it still sitting around in varying piles around the house pretty much until yesterday, only to start the process again. Some weeks I am a rockstar with keeping the house tidy, other weeks, I just wish it was more of a priority so it wasn't so messy. I'm not saying that my house becomes a complete disaster, just needing that hour or so of undistracted tidying up and putting things back to their proper places, putting shoes away, and hanging hats back up, that mundane stuff that for me seems to start to slip in priority sequence by Wednesday. When the chips are down, I figure that must mean my priorities aren't that off, because it is family first, and then rest will figure itself out at the end of the day.

So, that's about it. My calves still hurt from Friday. Apparently I probably should have lifted my heels up more on that damn elliptical machine. I am reading a great book with a totally unorthodox narrator, which I am just about to get back to.

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Betty said...

I experience your first paragraph virtually every time I try and post. Most of the time it passes quickly, thankfully!