Thursday, November 29, 2007

An extra one?

It happened years ago when I discovered that while I really enjoy a good pint, I am quite particular about what beers I am going to order.. it has become the same with coffee.

I rarely (if ever) buy drip coffee, and will either go for an americano, a latte, or a mocha.. depending on how rich I am feeling. Or how many calories I want... it seems that a lot of coffee shops aren't doing such a great job at providing a really good coffee anymore. Either that, or I am a lot pickier about what I get for my hard earned bucks.

So, yesterday, in the midst of my shitty morning... I decided to spring and get a mocha on the way to that training session. Usually the folks are great here about making them just right (read hot enough). I asked for a skim milk mocha.. and the guy totally went to town on the chocolate syrup. And it wasn't really that hot either. I don't want to scarf back my $4 dollar drink (sans alcohol) in less than 5 minutes.. please and thanks. I ended up chucking the last 1/3rd because it was like syrup at the bottom and was too sweet to drink. Just because I ordered skim milk with whipping cream doesn't mean you add an extra five billion calories to my coffee by adding the whole container of chocolate.. or wait.. did I look like I was stressing that badly... no... I think I don't wear all of my emotions on my sleeve that badly.

Figures. I was on a roll yesterday. Nothing was working out how I expected it to.

This afternoon when I slump, I am reaching for a tea!

Speaking of going for a coffee, here is a shameless plug for the best show to hit the airwaves in a long time. Season Two has started.. check it out if you get the chance.. this show ROCKS. It is called Rent-a-Goalie... and I can even forgive it taking place in TO because this is a damn funny show.

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