Thursday, November 22, 2007

flush... please

I would in a public environment. Which means that the bathrooms are open to the public. Some bathrooms are heavily trafficked, some, not so much (which are the ones I tend to gravitate towards because they are a little cleaner).

Why do so many people not flush?

How hard is it to pull that lever, especially when you should be heading over to wash your hands right away anyways???

It isn't so bad in the mornings, but in the afternoon, you kick open a stall door, and it is like winning the lottery, it is either a terrible mess or somewhat passable. It's not like I work in a mall, I am in a place where folks are striving to make more of themselves, yet you would never make this connection from the state of the can. It is gross. I don't need to see your mess. Or your pubic hairs left behind on the seat. Flush that mess away. Pay it forward.

Nothing like papering everything in sight, doing your best hovercraft impersonation, and reciting the alphabet when you wash your hands....

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