Monday, November 19, 2007

how many more days?

The thing I like about NaBloPoMo is being able to see more comments from the daring friend that actually also agreed to doing this (independently of course). Some days, it is a real struggle trying to remember to sit down and do the daily post, or to come up with some catchy little snapshot of my day.

The cold is on its way out, and it was a crappy one. Even with all the extra sleep (from not working while I have been home with Brandon) I have run the gauntlet of the runny nose, sore throat, cough, chesty bits, and all the lovely accoutrements that go along with it. 6 am is going to come around damn early again tomorrow.

Went grocery shopping today and got trapped in the time vortex that seems to happen in one of those big box grocery stores - I lost 2 hours!!!! And it seems like I am spending more on groceries these days then ever before. Then again - we really don't eat out much anymore... but still. On the other hand, spending more money has meant that we aren't always running out of things either... which is nice.

Ya, I know, a boring post.


Refinnej said...

Methinks I smell a time-twisting NaBoPoMo'er.

Where, pray tell, was this magical post this morning at 7 am???? HMMMM.

You never were one to follow the rules. LOL

And yes, I am on the NaBloPoMo police force.

Betty said...

I noticed that too, but I decided not to narc on her... ;)

Kazzy said...


Totally called out.

Totally true.

I am trying.. doesn't that give me some kind of brownie points...even if I don't get the stinking badges???


Refinnej said...

You get brownie points. But I expect actual daily posting next year. LOL

Michelle said...

i'm still fiquring it you without a doubt get brownie points...