Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another chapter in a familiar vent

Is there no accountability anymore???

I am way too lazy to pull up previous examples of where I have to call and bitch because things that were supposed to be done, weren't. Whether it be half full containers of formula, or mistakes on cell phone bills, or banking errors not in my favour, it is unreal how vigilant individuals have to be with just about everything.

It is so bloody frustrating. I was really proud we enrolled Brandon up for a RESP, which would qualify him for a CESG. Because our income is at a certain level, we should qualify to get as much grant money we can from the government at a slightly faster rate than the higher income folks do. Right from the get go back in July, I have been asking about the additional amounts. I haven't really been given a clear answer. Until today, when I finally had a response to an email question from a few weeks ago (nothing like prompt service). I was told to come up and fill out another form, and that my adviser had some information for me to look at. The information, totally not relevant as we are above that income cut off. The answer to my question, she couldn't answer and referred me to the investing company. So after talking to them, I was told I needed a specific box checked off on a form. Back to my adviser. Then I was told they would look in to it, and call me back. I did the math. It would only make a $40 difference, but 40 bucks is still 40 bucks, especially when that is money that is actually ending up in savings (which our money rarely does!!!!!). On the call back, apparently their person caught the original mistake in which the box wasn't checked (I have a photocopy of that original) but that it didn't scan over properly (bullshit) but that with the form I signed today, they would make sure that the extra dosh would kick in for this months contribution, etc. It can't be backdated. This isn't my mistake and it is something I have been harping on for months.

We now won't be paying bank fees for the next 5 months.

That is great, but not the point. I should not have to be my adviser's watchdog. Isn't that why she is the adviser and me the lowly client???

Back to my original point. I keep everything now. I check statements, I call when things aren't working right. You have to, otherwise all you do is lose money. Bloody hell.

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