Wednesday, November 7, 2007

records management.

It felt like a bit of a chaotic day today.

I got to host a meeting of 4 people in my not-so-big-office today and learn all about how we manage our records. And FOIPOP (for those not in the know, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in Canada). And how to store our transitional files off site, and then have them ordered destroyed. At least there is a systematic approach to everything... although that isn't obvious because there is a fair bit of clutter that still needs to be culled.

I have another title to add to the pile, Records Custodian. I get to be the Grand Pooba of records in my office. There are binders I have inherited. Really dry stuff, kind of like that last Kubrick movie - Eyes Wide Shut... Sorry if you enjoyed that one, but I would rather have watched paint dry.

4th week at work, and so far, so good. I was reflecting a bit, and I do miss a few folks from the old digs, the old familiar routines, but you keep moving forward and there isn't a lot of time to glance back and dwell. Every morning I walk in from the parking lot, I am glad for the changes. I have finally gotten smart - I have brought in some tea for my afternoon lull.

Will miracles never cease, I actually made it back to the gym today, and listened to my friend and actually lifted up my heels on the elliptical machine and therefore don't have angry calves tonight. That felt good too - to be doing something that I have had the intent to do for so long I really didn't bring it up anymore because it was too much like crying wolf.

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