Friday, June 30, 2017

Lily and the Octopus

This was a book I picked up because I was out of books! The cover caught me, and it seemed that all the author comments on the back of the book were from author's that we had read for book club.  How can you go wrong?

This was a lovely and different book.  The Octopus was a way to avoid calling a cancerous lump, cancer.  It is about life moving forward through those moments that you would like to stall (aging pets) and about finding a mate, and loss, and friendship. It is a quick read, a little different, a little whimsical. I would have to admit there is one section that really threw me off a bit, but I survived.

I feel I should mention I am currently getting mauled by cat.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dark Matter

I liked this, I am sure I did.

I am drawing a bit of blank in this moment to capture how I really felt.

Okay, maybe it is coming back to me now... interesting book.  What happens if there are multiple versions of the universe that are created as we make landmark choices in our life, and what if we discovered a way to access those different versions of our life, or a different version of us wanted our life and hijacked what we have? Definitely a bit mind bending.  Perhaps my June brain appreciated this, but didn't delve that far in to the consequences of it.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Court of Lions

Ah. That one book by an author that changes your relationship with them.

I loved the Tenth Gift when I read it years ago..  and then ended up with a copy of the Salt Road.

I understand we all create a niche, but this one just went a bit far in a few places and I found by the end, the story lost me.

Some of the history was interesting, but the interwoven story this time just didn't do it for me.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mental note.

So, when you are getting sick, and you are on a plane, this is not the best book to be reading.

Who knew?

Futuristic novel about what happens after a really bad disease wipes out a lot of humanity and we are set back decades.

How much has really stuck with me since I read this flying across Canada, promptly got sick, and spent the next four days in bed? Yeah, more of feelings, and that it was a good book, but not ultimately the right time to appreciate it fully.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Conjuring of Light

I loved this book.

This was one of the best trilogies that I have ever read. If you like edgier magical fantasy, this is a book for you.

I will also remember reading this book at Peggy's Cove in Halifax, NS.

I sat on these rocks, with a mocha, and read for about an hour. Alone. It was lovely. Listening to the Atlantic Ocean, basking in the sun, reading a grand book. Perfect.  Being able to connect with my loved ones with my phone, amazing.

I brought two books on my trip, and it was just enough.

Read this one.