Friday, June 29, 2012

A month of the light and fluffy

Another series!  I guess if we all get hooked on our TV series, it is no wonder that book series can be equally popular.  After having read literally hundreds of Robert's books, to say I know what to expect is an understatement.  It seems that June is the month of books that are truly escapist in nature and don't tax many of my higher powers in my head.

It was a fast, easy read with easy to like characters in an idealized setting.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It is official.  I don't get the hype.  As erotic literature.. okay... but the popularity this series is getting blows my mind.  It was an alright read (nothing fancy, no really big words or theories, truly escapist read) but when I got to the final pages, I think I groaned out loud and rolled my eyes with how lame of a twist this trilogy is going to take.

After the first book, I was intrigued enough by the tale to keep moving on, with how this book ended, it was so brutally lame, I don't know if I want to read the last book.  I am glad they were borrowed books, and I am glad I have at least read the first two in the series because at least I have an informed opinion.. and to return to my initial statement, I don't get it.  I still believe the hype surrounds that people are talking about the books, they are somewhat erotic in nature, and the covers are innocuous enough that you could get away with reading them anywhere.  Other than that... I am looking forward to much a more satisfying read in my future.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ended on a high note

This was a great book to read on vacation.  There were times it dragged for me, but it wrapped up in to a neat read.  I enjoyed the series, as well as some of the messages through this book.  Too bad the movie series never did truly take off, although I am not sure how well it would have translated to the big screen.

This last book wasn't nearly as dark as the first books, and it ends with hope.  I think this was my favourite book from the series.  It has been a few weeks since I read this, so I am searching a bit for a truly reflective comment and failing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This isn't a kids series

I am not quite convinced this is a kid's series.  Like a few of the layers in the Simpsons, I am sure that quite a bit of this book would escape the average 12 year old reader (since this is billed as young adult fiction).  That being said, I am really enjoying this series and this book leaves on a cliffhanger that had me at the library on my break yesterday taking out the final book in the trilogy. 

This book delved further in to some character development, but also put Lyra's story on the backburner a bit.  I was a bit disappointed with her character development because she was a much more meek version of the girl that we saw in the Golden Compass.  I was surprised by how much she deferred to Will in parts of the book - withdrawing from the use of the alethiometer unless they were looking for answers together.  Taken together, the first book is more about Lyra, and this second book is more about Will.  I missed reading about Lee, the aeronat, and Iorek the amoured bear.  However, it was interesting learning about Will's past, and the coincidences that bring Will and Lyra together, and the different forces of light and dark that impact the telling of this story.

It will be interesting to see how the Amber Spyglass plays out.  Perhaps that focuses more on their story together, especially since Adam and Eve have been suggested in the upcoming battle between light and dark, and the obvious pairing would be Lyra and Will.  These are sophisticated novels, and they are entertaining, and they are quick reads.  It is a complex set of worlds and beliefs - this is why I have a hard time seeing this as young adult reading materials.  I think of CS Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia and I think of young adult, even if the themes are also complex and Jungian in nature.  In a way I see Lewis' novels somewhat like the Simpsons - you appreciate different layers and symbolism more as you gain more life experience.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gas Apps

Now that I have my own smart phone, I have come to appreciate applications.  Like Gas Buddy.  I like being able to do a quick survey of how much gas is and where is the cheapest gas closest to me.

I no longer understand our gas prices.  I can't believe how much they can vary from morning to night, and then across community boundaries.  Growing up, I remember  my community being pretty cheap compared to others.  Now, as soon as I cross the last bridge heading home, gas jumps by 3 - 5 cents on average per litre.  Do they think we are stupid?  Hello, people won't use a wonderful bridge because it has a toll and you don't think people will drive 2km farther to save a few bucks?

Aside from all my other midlife changes I seem to be grappling with, I now think about how and when I buy my gas.  I have a plan.  We have a family strategy since we fill the van up in the states every Saturday.  I am tempted to do it before work on Tuesdays for my blazer.. but I just don't seem to be that motivated to leave that much earlier in the morning than I need to.