Friday, June 1, 2012

Gas Apps

Now that I have my own smart phone, I have come to appreciate applications.  Like Gas Buddy.  I like being able to do a quick survey of how much gas is and where is the cheapest gas closest to me.

I no longer understand our gas prices.  I can't believe how much they can vary from morning to night, and then across community boundaries.  Growing up, I remember  my community being pretty cheap compared to others.  Now, as soon as I cross the last bridge heading home, gas jumps by 3 - 5 cents on average per litre.  Do they think we are stupid?  Hello, people won't use a wonderful bridge because it has a toll and you don't think people will drive 2km farther to save a few bucks?

Aside from all my other midlife changes I seem to be grappling with, I now think about how and when I buy my gas.  I have a plan.  We have a family strategy since we fill the van up in the states every Saturday.  I am tempted to do it before work on Tuesdays for my blazer.. but I just don't seem to be that motivated to leave that much earlier in the morning than I need to.

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