Tuesday, November 22, 2005

100 Random Things

I started this list back in November 2005!!!!! This was before I got pregnant, before we got married, before out lives evolved! Crazy eh???

  1. I was hatched and raised in British Columbia, somewhat rare in these parts since many people have moved here from the rest of Canada and beyond
  2. I am in my 'early' 30s
  3. I am as good as married, even if we haven't done the deed yet
  4. I am glad that we met when we did, and I didn't expect it when it happened
  5. I have 2 cats
  6. I have african cichlids (fish)
  7. I have a lot of plants
  8. I have a lot of books, and am finally getting better at paying forward the pocket books which I won't read again
  9. I love playing ice hockey
  10. I enjoy knitting
  11. I love being in the ocean, near the ocean, near any body of water
  12. I wish I could be more of an environmentalist but I recognize my limitations
  13. I read voraciously
  14. I have written a lot of poetry over the years, some good, some not so good
  15. I have taken way too many post secondary level credits
  16. I love plaid
  17. I recycle as much as I can
  18. I collect rocks
  19. I love to travel
  20. I cry when animals get hurt in movies
  21. I can't carry a note
  22. I am a morning person, once I am up
  23. I love a good cup of coffee in the morning
  24. I like reading the Sunday paper
  25. I love that moment before the day starts and you are snuggled up with your honey in bed, and the cats are wrapped around your legs
  26. I have a bird of paradise plant that is five years old and I hope that 2 years from now that it will bloom
  27. I love popcorn.
  28. I hate paying for parking and parking tickets
  29. Learning how to breast feed is really tough
  30. I am stubborn.
  31. I don't give up easily.
  32. I love punk celtic rock
  33. Watching Brandon grow and change has been humbling
  34. We had a "shot gun" wedding and I loved every minute of it
  35. I never expected to be sober for my stag, or for my wedding
  36. Helping hands that come forward with gently used items when you have a baby is amazing
  37. Catching up with old and new friends once you have a baby is really cool
  38. Facebook is some crazy stuff - reconnecting with people on a superficial level, and actually rediscovering connections that were put to the side for a time
  39. I like trucks.
  40. I don't miss driving a 5 speed as much as I thought I would
  41. I like growing plants
  42. I like rose gardens
  43. I really don't like any of Vancouver's radio stations. Some days it floors me to admit that a talk radio show, or even a country radio show can be better than the rest of the offerings
  44. My musical tastes have been trapped in a state of limbo, I really haven't been exposed to all that much new stuff I actually like
  45. I want to see ZZ Top, Flogging Molly, and George Leach in concert. Talk about extremes eh?
  46. I have a brother that is 5 years younger than me.
  47. I like to camp.
  48. I love to travel.
  49. I have read all of the Harry Potter books and I think they ended well.
  50. I hated how the Sopranos ended.
  51. I have a tan for the first time in years
  52. We got married on March 25, 2006
  53. Brandon was born on July 24, 2006
  54. I want to see Yosemite.
  55. For some reason, I want to go back to Hawaii one day.
  56. I would like another try at outrigger.
  57. Having a power boat would be really cool to get out and explore more of BC's rugged coastline.
  58. I love cross border shopping.
  59. I like cheese.
  60. Coming up with 100 random things about myself is hard work.
  61. I enjoy going to the tulip festival in la connor and looking at all the colours.
  62. This summer I visited Nej and her boys, and it blew me away when I looked in the backseat and between us we had 3 boys. 20 years ago, it was just us.
  63. I want to go whale watching at the north end of Vancouver island.
  64. I have a yen to do a hot springs of BC driving tour in the fall.
  65. I want a masters degree one day.
  66. One day, I would like to have my student loans paid off.
  67. I have both an outgoing side, and a real loner streak.
  68. I like doc martens.
  69. I like to wear white shirts, even if they never stay clean.
  70. I want another tattoo.
  71. I don't think I will get more piercings.
  72. One day, we will get a dog.
  73. I was born in Richmond, BC
  74. Watching the Vancouver Giants win the Memorial Cup live was AWESOME
  75. My son has blue blue eyes and dimples!
  76. I never thought that cosleeping would be an option but it works
  77. I miss my dear friends who don't live in the lower mainland dearly, and am so grateful the lot of you stay connected by whatever means works with all of our crazy lives.
  78. I really try to be a good friend.
  79. I have seen the northern lights.
  80. I like to travel in June and September
  81. I want to start doing some drop in yoga sessions.
  82. I love massage therapy
  83. I like having my toenails painted.
  84. I like taking pictures of my feet in funky places.
  85. I like reading both high brow literature and page turner thrillers
  86. I like reading just about anything, and recently signed up for the national geographic magazine as my bathroom reading material
  87. I never knew I could care so much about another person's bowel movements before we had Brandon
  88. having kids does change you, no matter how much you yell and scream and deny that it will change you
  89. having kids doesn't mean you can't do what you used to do, you just do it differently
  90. I got to see part of the original Cariboo wagon trail and it made my day in a geeky way
  91. I like guinness.
  92. I like spiced rum.
  93. I like blackberries.
  94. I don't like tuna or tomato soup.
  95. I am almost there and I am running out of juicy little tidbits to relate.
  96. I think that my friendships are really cool now, even if I don't get to see all my girlfriends that often (kids, husbands, family, work... )
  97. I am in a book club, and it makes me gleeful
  98. I am trying to get out walking as many days of the week that I can.
  99. I like to take the path less traveled.
  100. I like arrowroot biscuits.

The first 25 or so were from almost 2 years ago. O M G !!! where does the time go?? And wow, has every thing changed or what?? Funny how some years are everything about change, and some years you just float on through.

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