Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Deceptive Weather...

Rosario Head Beach - this is a beautiful totem that tells the story of the Maiden of Deception Pass

A view of the bridge from the West Beach..

A view of the beaches from the bridge. I think over the weekend we had all types of weather - beautiful sun, wind, clouds, a fine rain, all the way through to a monsoon that chased us home!

It was a great weekend of short hikes, playing cards, naps in the sun, good food, company, and drink, and soaking in a beautiful place. I think we have nailed down the BEST campsite - extremely private, close to all that counts. The weekend went by way too quickly, as per usual and I am back home again.

I love heading down to Deception State Park. This is far enough to really feel like you are getting away, but in a very beautiful place. There are stands of huge hemlock, cedar, and douglas fir trees, and lush undergrowth of ferns, salal, and lots of berry bushes. There are trees that are bent from the wind, and lots of the signature arbutus trees that only live near the coast (with few exceptions). A great place to explore, although the water in the pass is bloody cold!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Time, and an ammendment to my vent


After a blitz of computer generated anon posts, I have gone to adding the "word verification" to comments... ironically enough this info was on the log in page?!

So, I may have to eat a few words from my Friday vent about my mom - indeed, she may not have been as late as I figured and was cruising the parking lot thinking I was farting around, counting ceiling tiles and avoiding coming out ?!? interesting start to our car ride, I didn't see her car, and she wasn't stationary long enough for me to figure out it was her car.. a bit of a comedy of errors that took first 15 minutes in the car to work through.. one of two wrongs don't make a right type deal, but we agreed to move on..

Now "time" is something that seems to tweak a few of us. I used to be really laissez faire about time.. then a few years ago, a few older friends really crapped on my head about it. I starting shaping up a lot more, and not pushing time like I used too. Another ironic element to this post, those friends have now become really brutal about time, and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth when someone almost throws the towel in because you were tardy, and then doesn't see the hypocrisy when they themselves start to see that there are times that being on time really matters, times that it is respectful to be on time, and times that it is appropriate to be fashionably late.

Now I just shoot for being realistic about what time works for me/us, and recognize that other people's time is valuable too. I think before I tried to do too much, now I try to enjoy the present moment more, and not to always be on the run. Seems to help with my time issues.

Yup, a ramble :]

Friday, August 26, 2005


So, I am sitting at my desk, chilling. Waiting for my mom so we can get away camping.

I could have been off work 20 minutes ago, when she was supposed to arrive at 12:30. WTF. It is brutal how my mom is with time, and then denies that she is always late. It is so about priorities, and having respect for the people around you, that is unreal when you do this even when you know it makes everyone around you upset and then no one has fun until the funk has worked it's way through your system.

It really frosts me actually. I feel like the roles are reversed between Mum (aka older, more mature and wise) and Daughter (needing guidance and a push in the right direction). I know I will have to take a few deep breaths and try not to be sarcastic when I get in the car because that really gets things going when you are going to spend the next few hours together on the road.

But I don't get it about planning - you know that you have someone waiting for you, and you procrastinate until the 11th hour. Planning helps. I think through/from my most recent courses one of the valuable things that has been reinforced for me is the role of planning and being prepared and showing up on time, when things are happening, rather than rocking up after the big hurrahs have happened.. saves a lot of stress too, you would think.

Venting now has taken about 10 minutes. No mom. No, wait, could it be?

Da plane? Fasting than a speeding bullet... nope. My mum is pulling in to the lot. WOW! The shock may do me in!!!

Off I run!! Holidays officially start now and I don't have to grace my place of employment until September 6th. It could not have happened to a better person.

T G I F ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A first

I went to my college board meeting today. I have not been sworn in, so I attended the public portion of the meeting.

I think I have a lot to learn in the next two years, if I make it here that long. You can feel some politics, and it was really hard not getting my few cents in either. Lots of opinions, and I am sure that there will be a sharp learning curve. After the not for public portion, there is a BBQ. Aside from the student union reps, I am the youngest by far. It will be interesting in that regard too, the perspective that I represent, even as I represent staff at this level.

So, the BBQ is fully catered, I am getting a steak dinner, and all the accoutrements. My big decision - wine or beer with that! It feels like I am shifting to a new playing field with different stakes. I feel a bit nervous, I don't know what to expect from this.

Sounds like things are wrapping up...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Johns

Nothing like going to a rock and roll concert!!!!

Especially when it involves rock legends, and 5 GUITARS on stage, at once!!!! *AHEM* So, I like a little 'real' music every now and then.

Last night we checked out the JOHNS - John Fogerty and John Mellencamp at GM Place. What a show. My ears were ringing for a while after, and it was a great set. The crowd was totally in to it, the sound would just roll over you like a wave, lifting you up with it.

The show started on time?! with a fellow named Stoll Vaughn who starting the place a rockin - a solo man, with a guitar and not much else. You know you have a good voice when you can entertain a restless crowd with just that! A bit bluesy, blue grass, folksy, gritty kind of singing - something you want to listen to during the summer, sitting on your patio with a cold one.

After Stoll, it was the first of the Johns - and Fogerty was amazing. He played a lot of his old CCR stuff, and his voice was amazing. He played without fault, carrying you with songs from your childhood that are still amazing, like Old Man Down the Road, Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising, Heard it through the Grapevine. The encores were great, and he say all the classics. His band was tight, and I was amazed by his voice - seeing him live was better than any recording. Hell, I knew the words to the songs- I didn't even to make them up, knowing no one could hear me anyways!!

Mellencamp rocked the joint - a spartan stage, and a powerful voice. Great band set up with fiddles, accordian, gee-tars, drums, etc. You don't realize how many songs you know until you go to the concert, and you realize the background impact that his songs have had in your life, playing as a bit of a soundtrack at different stages. Blood on the Scarecrow was great, Jack and Diane, Rockin in the USA, all the classics. Time went by way too quickly and 11 o'clock rolled by - the magic hour in Vancouver for concerts to end because of noise bylaws. BAH. They could have played all night!!!!!

What happened to concert t-shirt prices??? $40 for a tee!!! O M G !!! Highway robbery!! The crowd was an interesting mix too, I think I was one of the younger ones there - it was neat to see!! Especially who stayed in their chairs and grooved, and who actually stood up and danced!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

11:21 AM and this sounds damn good. Monday anyone?

Candied Apple Martini

Scale ingredients to servings

1 oz vodka
1/2 oz butterscotch schnapps
1 oz Sourz® apple liqueur
1 oz cranberry juice

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake firmly and pour into a cocktail glass. Serve.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bad Moon Rising

Not quite a perfect shot, but you get the picture. It was a beautiful night and I was too wound up to sleep! Go figure. I love summer nights when it is warm enough to stand around in your shirts and t-shirt, staring at the stars for no better reason that you felt like it.

Done, in many ways.

The home improvements are done. I am done. I just got out of the bath and I set aside my somewhat more lofty novel (Reading Lolita in Tehran) for the less brain empowering Lucky's Lady by Tami Hoag (a suspense thriller, schlock, but decent schlock for a tired brain).

Today was a bizarre day - nothing really Sunday about it. Ken and I got up at 6:30 AM!!! and went with my dad to the Flea Market. I snagged a few good buys (nice fleece, a few more plants - see I told you they see me coming - and some fresh off of the farm veggies, and a fiestaware plate). Gotta love what turns up at the market.. then coffee and a side trip to the Casino. AHEM. Well, I got great distance off of a fiver in a nickel machine - "Reel Em In". Normally they see me coming, like the gardeners, but this morning that fiver was good for about half an hour of slighty cheesy entertainment at 9:30 on a Sunday morning.

Yup, we are a little strange us bunch!

Home for brunch, and then back at 'er for the final touchups. Painting bathrooms are brutal, even when they are small - took me hours, but the painting is DONE. I think I have painted most of my body at some point over this weekend, and retired a t-shirt that had its own personality. Fricken hell. Well, the team came together, even if took my mom 2 hours to iron curtains today?!

I am tired. Weekend? What weekend?! Work isn't nearly this tiring!!!! I think I am heading to bed shortly..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

On going Saga

It is saturday night, not even 10 pm.

I am freaking bagged and it feels like it should be close to midnight.

Things are coming along in the suite- the end stretch is tomorrow. Since we had the steam cleaner already, Ken did our carpet space while I painted. And painted. And painted.... decided to paint our front door. First side was all good, but then I guess they originally used an oil based paint to paint the inside and then covered it with a latex paint, because when I took off the bumps with a scraper, I also managed to pull off a 6 inch strip of paint with it. Which brough more old paint off in a big, white layer exposing a lovely original yellowish cream colour underneath.

From the first few peels, I figured that this job wasn't going to be so bad. Well, after a few hours of baking in the sun with a scraper, it feels like I have a whole bunch of nintendo fingers, numb from the scraping. The door was hell. I have passionate angst about that door. I finally gave up and sanded the last few inches. I couldn't fight the good fight against that door anymore, it was time to move on.

When all is said and done, our carpets look great, I touched up the door the frame, and the door doesn't look like hell any more.

Another day where the beer tasted amazing. We ordered in chinese, and I think I was just done then. My eyes feel tired and gritty, and I think I will kick back and have a bath, or watch Harry Potter or something crazy like that. I will be so glad to not have to do that again. Home ownership is a true commitment. It needs work, you just can't say that someone else will take care of it, you are that person!!

The next month is going to fly by - we have nothing but weekend trips planned - camping at Deception Pass State Park, then fishing at some place called Pimainus, and then Puyullup to see Pete and the ride again (while he is in the west) and then the big trip to Alberta to visit Ken's rellies and see where that side of his family is from. Then all of a sudden it will be October!! Strap yourself in, should be a helluva ride!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Never ending home improvements


I think I have scrubbed the entire top layer off of my fingers today.

Spent the day doing bits and pieces for the suite-some painting, cleaning the fridge and stove, and veered off course and painted an outdoor table we have too.

It seems never ending reparing and fixing up our rental though - our "to do" list is daunting, but no where what it was! Nothing like scraping grease, and cleaning up someone else's mess. People can be so disgusting. But, the end is nigh. I think tomorrow night, after all is said and done, movies, and a good dinner, no rush to do anything sounds great.

BTW I finally said NO about something. It felt great. I am not marking this fall. It felt strange saying no, and taking the time back for me. I was really nervous sending that email for some reason, like I was letting J. down or something crazy like that. But, honestly, she respected me more for being honest for what I can reasonably do with my time and paid me some huge compliments. Working for J. has been inspiring, she has fulfilled the role of mentor for me, helping guide me back to teaching.

Next week I get to help facilitate the next Instructional Skills Workshop being taught at Douglas. Like WOW! This is going in the right direction for me. Kinda exciting. I just wish my boss would have given me more time to be there -whatever though. I am getting bits and pieces of what I need to complete my program and perhaps lead to future teaching jobs, which is what matters.

Ah. The beer and pizza tasted amazing tonight.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Blackberries make you pay for them in blood.

My arms are tingling from little stings from the bushes, and I have a wack of itchy spots all over my body. The humidity tonight is brutal, but I am looking forward to having a fresh batch of blackberry jelly!! Morning sandwiches just ain't the same without em.

It was one of those scattered days at work you get lots done but don't really feel like you accomplished anything. Definitely seeing more students again, and nothing like playing twenty questions with a reciticent 20 year old who needs more money but ain't willing to do their part to get it. Ah well, on goes the chief miracle worker hat.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pretty in Pink


Sunday night. Sometimes this is a time take a few moments, have a bath, read a light and fluffy book (at the moment - The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. This is a bit of a predictable read, nothing too strenuous. Hard to believe they made this in to a movie?! Writing about love, beauty, being true to one's self, taking time away from the pursuit of money to work on and enjoy relationships) before flaking out.

My toes are a hot pink. It took me years to warm up to pink. I loved it as a girl, but the colour fell off my radar as just not for me for a long time. Well, we are friends again.

We spent the weekend working on the suite to get it back in tip shop shape - amazing how much elbow grease goes in to painting, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and putting things back to right. Hopefully by next weekend it will be looking great again.

Did a little painting around here too, the doorframe and some window frames were looking tattered, amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Flea Market was decent this morning, picked up some cool shades for $8, a book, and yup, another plant. I think those gardeners can see me coming a mile away. I love plants.

Apparently I need to kill some off before bringing more home!! LOL

I am bagged though, looking forward to chilling with that light and fluffy book before cutting some zzzzzz's. Last night we spent a nice night at a friend's for a BBQ last night, and then up and about all weekend. Will be interesting to see what the week holds!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The men in serge

Last night we went to the RCMP Musical Ride in Abbotsford. Ken's best friend is on the ride, and they have finally made it far enough west that we could see them perform in Abbotsford. It was a beautiful night, with a bit of a breeze for relief from the heat, and when the anthem was sung, it brough a tear to my eye! So this crazy phenonemon doesn't just happen at hockey games for me!

The ride is precise, well rehearsed, and great to see. A helluva tradition to check out, and makes you stand a little taller to recognize this as a Canadian thing that ties us together, from coast to coast with men and women from all over Canada participating. Nothing like a bit of nationalism!

Monday, August 8, 2005


Weekends are never long enough.

The Red Tent was a phenomenal book. One of the best reads I have experienced in a long time, hands down. Wow. It blew my socks off. I finished late last night, and as I closed the cover of the book I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends. What a profoundly beautiful book about women, about women's relationships with other women, and celebrating the parts of being a woman that it seems like our western society has pushed under the rug. The stories that we each have to tell to our sisters, mothers, and daughters, not all of whom are blood related are rekindled when you pause to reflect upon this book, built upon the story of a whispered woman from the book of Genesis.

I now have a wee bamboo fountain in a pot outside, and a spontaneous purchase from IKEA adorning my living room. I must say, when Ken and I decide on something, we do it. After a false start saturday night, and lining up with a number to exchange defective product on Sunday morning, we are now the proud owners of a "pilbo" coffee table. Once I get off my arse I will post a piccie about this new living room adornment.

We had a great weekend, we spent time at Steveston wandering the docks and riverside stores, and watched Fantastic 4 (not a bad flick, for what it is), rented some flicks, had some great food, and did some major cleaning to the house. Slowly I am getting rid of clutter. I am beginning to buy in to the idea that not so much is more. You can spend so much time servicing your goods, that you have to wonder, how much is enough? I have been questioning my own commercialism and asking myself whether or not I really need that before I make a purchase. Trying to use what I have before I go get more, trying not to have stockpiles of things I bought just because it was a good price.

Yes. I needed that pilbo coffee table :P~~~~

Tenant is officially gone. Also a relief. Reclaiming house space 101 is taking place.

Work is boring as hell right now, the calm before the storm. I almost have too much time on my hands right now. Hell, I think I am almost caught up on my emails!

The weather we are having is intoxicating. I love waking up every day and seeing that the sun is shining. We are definitely getting dryer out there, hopefully offset by the rain we have had this year.

In the news....Peter Jennings passed on. It seems that an end of era is drawing to a close in world media. Dan Rather passed his torch, and now we mourn the loss of our Canadian kid on the block. Surfing the net, it is amazing to see the comments that seem to be flooding the net 'waves about Jennings and the impact he has had on people's lives, even from his visits to our living rooms over time, Smokey Smith, Canadian World War II Hero also passed on, although it seems his remains have lain in state an awful long time.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Morning of bliss at the beach

White Rock has always been one of my favourite places to go, ever since I was a wee kid.

The weather finally held, and after dropping Ken off at work, I headed to the beach. It was awesome. There weren't many people there when I got there so I got skookum parking - across from where I was going to get fish n chips for lunch (Coney Island, our fav) and near the toilets!
After walking the boardwalk end for end, I pulled up a sand bar and my book, and chilled for a good hour on the beach. I then went for a wander, beachcombing along the way. I felt like a giddy kid, relishing these moments this morning. I saw tonnes of crabs being pulled away from tide pools as the water retreated, little tiny buggers that would disappear in to the sand if you got too close, only pinchers exposed for a brief moment! Then I saw the strangest crab - it kind of looked like a spider, with spindly legs, but its belly was SOFT? I picked it up in between its scrambles in the seagrass, but it felt foreign - not like any other crab I have seen/picked up. I saw shrimps and caught one in my hands, and waded in and floated in the water. I didn't really swim because the tide was so far out you were in the grass, and the grass had lots of travellers stuck to it, so I stuck to the bare, sandy areas.

After I had my fill of the beach, three hours had already passed, grabbed my lunch, and sat and watched life go by. Fed a few gulls, enjoyed my root beer, and off I went. Tra la la.

Tonight we are off to play shinny, although it is hard to be motivated to play hockey when it is close to 30 degrees out there!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2005

TGI Thursday!

I am pretty stoked that it is the end of my week. Fingers crossed, I will finally get to pack up my gear and head to the beach tomorrow after dropping Ken off at work. I plan to head out to White Rock, walk the boardwalk, lounge on the beach with The Red Tent by Anita Diamant (a few people have recommended this as a good read) and go for a swim. AHHHH. Music to my soul!!!!

It is all about the little things in life. Then, we get to play some shinny tomorrow night for the last time until our regular Crusher season starts up again! I think that officially makes it hockey year round for us!! CRAZY!

I have also been reading a book called When the Body Says No . This is an interesting read that talks about the impact of chronic stress on health. This also talks about the importance of owning your emotions and not always repressing who you are, what you want, what is important to you - as well as being able to say NO when you need to, taking selfish time to look after number one. This book delves in to illness and disease, links between illness and stress, and the links between stress and how a person has lived their life. This book delves in to what happens when a person isn't able to say no and stand up for themselves, and when their health is impacted by this stress and repressed self by (partially) manifesting itself in illness. Definitely something to ponder as I work my way through this book, especially when it comes to being honest about the good times and the bad times - about admitting when things aren't perfect, or you aren't feeling like a million bucks rather than pushing these feelings under the rug like they don't exist. It seems that we are easily able to discuss when life is rolling along at a fair clip, but to alo talk about when it is isn't. This book also talks about getting in touch with yourself, and relearning how to listen to what is really going on and make changes.

Interesting stuff!

Tuesday, August 2, 2005


It is amazing how quickly you can get used to an irritant so that you barely register the effect that it has on your life until that irritant is gone.

This can be a food that you don't realize causes you to be ill, a person, that is no longer a good fit in your life, it can be something that causes you grief.

We have had tenant issues since April 28th. It is crazy what you can put up with, sometimes because you have to, and sometimes because even though you have taken your legal position to the nth degree, you still have to hurry up and wait for someone else to take action. This weekend, our tenants have more or less vacated the premises.

I am tired of talking about this issue, tired of having to react and act, tired of having to have family meetings and discuss strategy and what does work, what can work, and what isn't working.

It feels great. After the major loads of stuff were gone, and most of the stuff taken out of our driveway (I cannot wait for garbage day this week) you could feel a palatable difference in the air. We all relaxed a little. We all went to take a look in the suite to see what was left. Yup, one load left, hopefully to be picked up some time this week. And then we are back to somewhere closer to square one, with new, er not so new, family components moving in. Hopefully it works out well to have all the immediate family members under different portions of one roof. Time will tell.

I have the urge to clean. To reclaim what is ours. I cleaned up my patio this weekend, sweeping and pruning, and tying back my burgeoning peas. Amazing what a little labour can do.

Nice to feel like Ken and I's home is ours again. Not worrying about who may be lurking around in the middle of the night, or what is happening during the day when we aren't home. It has been so long that this has been going on, that now, it is like a burden has been lifted and I can take a breathe of fresh air again.