Monday, November 5, 2007

And I like mondays?

I love having a 3 day weekend... after years of having every other Friday off, I think that Mondays are the better deal. Sunday goes by way too fast, but wait, you have an extra day to get everything done!! Woo woo!! Which in reality means that Monday becomes the day with a big to do list, and time to get'er done before the week really starts up.

Had a decent appointment this morning with Brandon's pediatrician. He has a great manner, really gentle, and so obviously loves kids. It is a joy to have a doctor that truly loves his job, is compassionate, and takes the time to actually talk to you. In a few words, he actually summarized many of my feelings over the last year - the process that resembles grief more than a little bit as your realize that your baby isn't quite perfect, but they are who they are and do find their way and truly, they are perfect, just not that ideal that you envisioned without a fully formed vision. But hell, aren't kids like that, it just depends when, to what degree, just like us, they/ we are perfect in our imperfections and stories. Somewhat like feeling that you don't look so shit hot at some point in your life and going back and looking at pictures, and realizing you didn't look so bad, why was my perception so warped at the time? I can feel my rose coloured glasses slip sometimes, but you have to push em back up again and keep on grabbing life by the horns.

Of course, moments before we left for the appointment Brandon filled his drawers and I ended up deciding to get my carpets cleaned since they were upstairs and the guy was willing to cut me a last minute deal. So race around, vacuum, change a really stinky diaper, get the bottle, grab our coats, and roll. Everything came together beautifully, and traffic was not hell. My carpets look fantastic. From what my mom has to say, the guy was a little surprised at the different the cleaning made. Well, our carpets are well trafficked and it was a job that really needed to be done. The money was well worth not having to rent the machine and spend the hours doing it. $60 bucks when it was said and done... and worth every penny!!!!!

Then grocery shopping in the afternoon (gotta love a 15% coupon off the first $100 first monday and tuesday of the month!!!!) and a trip to our favorite fish store - the fish were out of food and I felt the urge to buy a few new friends... Brandon picked out his first fish (as well as he could) since the tank was at his level, and he hung on to the side for dear life - it was awesome, he had a big smile on his face and he babbled away. Perhaps a lifelong affair with aquariums is in his future too??

For a day off, it feels like work is easier. But I got a lot done.

Wanna bet that at the end of the month I will post mere words and call it a day?

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