Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just bits and pieces of rants.

I can't say that I have been all that thrilled with our ADSL. Some days it really sucks and I am either resetting the damn router or we are rebooting, or we are "repairing our network connections." Pisses me off something fierce. You call and bitch, and well, you don't always get the most helpful staff. I am also not so thrilled with their cell rate plans for existing customers right now... seems like the plan that we want to switch too (one of the 5 friends plans) we can't because we already have a contract, therefore, no joy. Needless to say, I see one of those phone calls on the horizon about the service we are getting because I am not thrilled.

I also need to call and bitch to the makers of the last box wipes I bought. I buy bulk to save some cash, and 2 out 3 big bags weren't properly sealed. Being somewhat thrifty, I dug out a few huge freezer bags, but when you shell out close to $20 for the wipes, and you don't go no name, you expect a little more. That is another one of those calls that is on my list.

Those are the calls you make when you are completely bitchy, can be assertive, and are willing to go to bat for yourself on an inane issue you kind of have to stand up for yourself about or stop whining about it.

I also got to spend an hour learning about our new call retrieval system at work today. What really means, an hour learning about voice mail. Give me the book and I will figure it out myself thanks... although it was well presented... B--o--r---i---n---g and yet seen as a necessary evil. Can't say that was meaningful organizational development for me!

On a total aside, we had a great steak for dinner (one of the key reasons I would not make it as a veg) and well made tiramisu. The night finished off well, although it took a while to get Brandon down... now I am making lists and making sure I have printed out all my coupons for this weekends' shopping trip!


Betty said...

Happy shopping! Please go and scout out all the good deals for me and report back. Would be helpful if you can find my idea shoes instock somehwhere too. Size 10 please. ;) Have a great time!

Nicole said...

The ADSL thing? Well, we run both cable and adsl - and we play the companies off each other. Something about "if you don't stop calling us and harassing us about the bandwidth issue, we'll cancel your service and switch solely to the competition" for the one, and "we'll go free-to-air for TV if you don't stop bugging us about the bandwith thing" (they HATE this one with the heat of 1000 suns) for the other.

I suspect that if you complain and threaten to switch to the competition, you'll get some sort of credit on your bill.