Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting smarter at this

It seems that as the month goes on, the posts get smaller, more succinct and to the point.

I have also learned, especially after having been called out, it is easier to post in the morning.. and if I can fill it out later on in the day, great.. if not.. no worries.

I have totally let Brandon's site slide this month... and haven't downloaded any pics for weeks. October was a crazy month - we were busy all the time, and lots of events... and this is a quieter month... and already gone at that... Brandon slept in today... and it was glorious after his 4am wake up call yesterday!

These girlie boots I bought... I guess cheaper isn't always better because it hasn't been an hour and my feet hurt already. This is the first time I am wearing the taller black ones - it is so different looking down and seeing a flashy boot instead of a square toe... I know this is somewhat geeky, but after unisex boots for so many years, it is strange to have a more feminine pair on, and then to also remember why all those unisex boots were a better quality - sore feet suck. Eventually I will have to invest in a slightly not so high heeled and better quality black leather (not pleather) pair of boots.

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Michelle said...

Hey Lady!!!! will I see you on Saturday at the game.....:)ttyl