Monday, November 26, 2007

What to say?

Clean up day - general clean up and shake out the dust from edges day. It is amazing how things move during the week and so many clothes can get dirty in the space of 7-10 days.

Load after load of laundry... and I spent what felt like hours cleaning up the kitchen. I am a great cook but a shitty clean-up-as-I-go person... should be a resolution.. but I try to get better at it.. I do for a while, and then I fall off of the wagon.

It's nice.. I can most of the floor again, and most things are put away. I think I may end up with a quiet moment or two for myself. Of course, once I sit down... one or both of the cats jump on me, starved for attention. Poor buggers.

With Christmas around the corner, I feel the urge to make some lists...and I am contemplating the wisdom of doing a big shop this week rather than next. It all comes down to coupons.. and checking that list and what I have tucked away in my coupon envelope. I do watch prices, and try to buy in bulk when I can - it half pisses me off how much you can save if you can afford to buy in bulk - I started buying the boxes of chicken breasts because you can usually get 4kg for about $27.. which is a helluva better than buying enough for 1 dinner for $7 bucks... It's just shelling out the initial bucks.. like buying good shoes.. they cost but they save you a mitt load in the long run. I love coupons.

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