Friday, November 9, 2007

A kick ass friday

I called and whined to the maker of the wipes and being sent some reimbursement.

I also called and did some finangeling to our cell phone provider, which was also successful, and the new plan should mean our bill is cut in half. Which is awesome, because I have had a bit of conflicting information and finally got a "live one" on the other end that was helpful and knew what he was talking about - a combination that doesn't seem that happen every time.

Work was good - even better because it was friday. I am sure that it helped that I had a tea in the morning and a coffee in the afternoon. We all get on pretty well - the vibe in the office is a nice difference to what I had been used to - although it is chaos, there isn't that manic edge of stress.

It's also pay day - which means today is a big bank transaction day - it goes in and out way too fast. *SIGH*.

Well, we head out in a few hours, so I am running around trying to feed the fish, pack our bags, figure out how little I can get away with since we plan to do some shopping, and hope that the border line up isn't complete hell when we get there.

I plan to shop for some girlie shoes. A year off on maternity leave, and a dressier office means that Docs aren't always the most flattering option to go with. For some reason big clunky boots don't look so good (or professional) with dress pants. So I guess Kazzy is growing up and I need some funky grown up shoes to go with the new job, attitude, and all that other crap. In other words, after watching WNTW, I have learned that I should indulge my feminine side a little and get some kick ass shoes! Although, I have always had some great funky shoes, they just need to shift from looking great with jeans to great with pants. It has also been a few years since I have done some serious shoe shopping... almost sounds like I am trying to justify a shoe indulgence. Well, we will have to see what the selection is like...

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Nicole said...

Gah, you probably won't get this in time (but its a good excuse for us to go shoe shopping!). The Clark's outlet in that bigass outlet mall near Seattle is fantastic.