Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How many more days?

Ah, the lament of many a na-blo-what-did-you-sign-up-for would be ... what now??

I just dropped a lot of money at the evil empire grocery shack. I also saved $80 in coupons! It truly does pay to be a savvy shopper. It seems every year, about this time, I go "crazy" and do a really big shop and load up on stuff so I really only need to stop in and get the necessities for the next few weeks. I was stuck in the time tunnel for almost 2 hours.. but it is done! Of course, there nearly had to call in help for the heart attack I nearly had when the bill was totaled up...I still have more stuff to put away, but the meat has been repackaged and the fridge stuff put away. The rest can wait.

Apparently we may get more of a dusty of that white stuff tomorrow. Which means chaos here on the coast, since we rarely get it and so many people panic and can't drive in the damn stuff.

I normally don't like to vent but... my brother irks me at times. He finagled a deal for a big tv and therefore needed us to move our cars from the back so he could grab my dad's truck and then back it in for an easy exit (he lives in our suite next door). Well, I went out for the shopping, and Ken went out for hockey... and the little wanker decided he was too tired to move the truck back around the house and give us back our convenient parking spots because he was tired.... he just doesn't get it. We all put in long days... It isn't that we can't walk around the house to get in our cars tomorrow.. it is that it will be damn cold, Ken will be carting Brandon and it makes our life easier to use our parking spot. Needless to say, the truck has been moved, but it was my effort to get it done, not his. I guess it's easy to be truly a selfish twit at times if you are flying solo. Ah hell, he has always been like that, perhaps because he was really catered to by my parents growing up... man, do I sound like an older sibling??? It pisses me off that he just doesn't get that little courtesies could go a long way, especially when we have lent many a helping hand. Whatever. I am just whining. Sometimes he can be a little shit. He is my brother, so of course it is a written rule that I can call him that... you can.. but only when it is truly justified.. LOL

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