Friday, November 23, 2007


I drove really shitty cars for a lot of years. Cars that rusted apart, sputtered, and died. The cars and trucks I have owned have had gas leaks, blown tires, rads explode in a bust of steam and water, thrown rods through the engine block, had tail pipes fall off, the ceiling fabric fall down like a giant marshmallow, clutches go, brakes fall of the moving vehicle going down the steepest hill you could possibly imagine, and just about everything else you can imagine.

We also went with one vehicle for the longest time, and this year, we finally have reached the plateau of not only having two cars, but we have two newer cars which means that it has almost been a year of not worrying whether or not your car is going to get you where you need to go.

Why the long preamble for todays post? Well, it is Friday, and I am waxing poetic apparently. This morning I pulled in for my usual frantic spot so I could run out of my truck and get my freezing ass in to covered buildings, I stood and did the fob press to lock the doors, and just before I hit it the second time to make it honk.... someone else did theirs... so it was a smaller honk, and then my more robust honk!

We both looked at each other as we made it to the sidewalk and laughed.. she said "I know it's annoying.. but.." and I agreed with her, both laughing because for some stupid reason it is assuring to hear that stupid honk because then you know your vehicle is actually locked up.

So speaketh the girl who made a career out of locking her keys in the car when she was young. In fact, not only locking the keys in the car... but locking the keys in the car with the engine running and lights on. Nothing like calling BCAA to come and jump start your car... bring you some gas... and fish your keys out. Makes you feel like a total tool. I think I only did the hat-trick once... or once is all that I am willing to admit to!


Nicole said...

Bahahaha. I did the hattrick once too.

And then I got a new car this year complete with the fob thing that locks the doors. It is most excellent.


Refinnej said...

I seem to recall an incident with a certain brown Toyota....something about leaving it idling in my parents' driveway. Keys locked inside. Didn't it run out of gas before we got it open?


And then there was the red van. OMG. For a vehicle that wasn't yours, you (we!) sure had some issues with it. LOL