Friday, November 30, 2007

That was a month?

In the last 30 days I have posted more than I did for 3 months...

It's been ... something. Some days I am right on it, and have stuff to say, and other days I am staring at a blank canvas wondering what direction I should travel in.

I am glad it is Friday. I haven't slept great all week (lots of wake ups) and my mood has been a bit funky at times. I love my new job, but it has been a strange training period. I haven't really had much. A lot of my training has come through questions, and me just going through files, and indoctrinating myself in to this new world. I think the small niche I have found myself in is like that, you slowly immerse yourself in to the details with pockets of absolute chaos. I figure I am doing at least well, nothing has really been said so I must be at least flying under the radar. I am still getting to the gym most days at lunch, and I am enjoying the walk to and from the car... it is great to not be stuck in my office all day, not aware of the time or even what it is doing outside. The views from here are amazing, especially now that there is snow on the mountains.

Tomorrow night I have my last function from my previous job - I am attending a board recognition event at the presidents place... sounds hoity toity and I am still not sure what I am going to wear. Not my usual cup of tea - it will be interesting to see how the other half lives!

So this is it - I will see if I can post a little more than what I was prior to all this Woo Haa Bla HAa Haa... although it is time to pay some attention to Brandon's neglected rambles. When the chips are down, October was a much more interesting month (event and picture wise) than November was. This was a month of a great shopping trip, and then our first major cold for the season. Now it is time to gear up for the big wave of holiday festivities. I am aiming high - cards out by next weekend, and lights up this weekend... and shopping.. well, that will be last minute as ever....but shooting for the 21st....I am sure that the reality will look a lot different than my lofty goals.

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