Wednesday, June 8, 2016


This was better than I thought! A totally different choice for book club this month, and I found that I really enjoyed reading about Lowe's life.  I was surprised about some things, and I really enjoyed reading the passages about when he was making the 'Outsiders' movie.  Reading the stories about growing up with Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez as your best buddies was a bit crazy after having been a little younger and watched all those brat pack movies.

There were good stories, and insights (such as being surprised about Lowe's sobriety), and Lowe comes off fairly self aware and intelligent (not just a pretty face).  Some of his comments about fellow actors were interesting (such as how talented and driven Patrick Swayze was).

This book didn't dish out on people, or throw them under the bus, you get the impression that Lowe truly loves his wife and is grateful for her, and that he made mistakes when he was younger. The stories are good, however, they don't get in to the really nitty gritty details of what really was happening, but I think enough details are revealed to keep you interested as you read this book.

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