Thursday, March 19, 2009

cute kid

Funny how our kids manifest stuff we do.

This morning Ken went in to wake up Brandon. His first words were "five more minutes please".

HYSTERICAL. And only 2 and 1/2!!!! I came in, and he said the same thing. He was so cute, I totally understood where he was coming from because I am tired today. It feels like it has been a long week.

So, 26 weeks, here we are. I am doing my gestational diabetes test this weekend after I go for a massage. Should make for a relaxing hour, then a bit of stress, then hanging out in the lab for another hour with a book. Third trimester is slowly sneaking up on us....

It's snowed up at work most days this week, and now the rains have started. St. Paddy's Day was good - wore green and had a sip of guinness! Our routine shifted on Monday and Tuesday nights, and the house went from looking pretty damn good to not so good. Or just scattered. We traded tv's with a friend of mine (she upgraded and we got lucky) and I learned that old tv was "only" 27 inches. I thought it was bigger, until we measured it. We now have a 36' tv and it seems so BIG! It is cool. Will be more cool once I stay up long enough to watch some movies on it.. LOL.

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Naomi said...

I'm guessing that 36" would look HUGE next to my 19" (yep - it's true - no typo) tv. In fact, I understand that most people have computers bigger than my tv. Which, btw, lives right beside my vcr. In fact, I still tape shows. of these days I'll move into the new century. Just don't hold your breath.