Monday, March 2, 2009

I am not going to win awards for supermom of the year

Hats off to you Nej for having to be the everything for your boys and straddling two households. I know your kids are older, but man, it still takes a lot of energy and a lot of attempts at some kind of balance to keep a handle on your sanity when your hubby is not in town..

This weekend went by a lot faster than I thought it would. Definitely got in a lot of quality time with B, had a few moments, such as him filling his swimming diaper with a mighty poo on the way to the wave pool yesterday (thankfully we had extra pants) so he a thorough cleaning and shower and a new swimmer prior to even entering the pool, and then having to clean out the somewhat stinky car seat once we got home, to him being the energizer bunny and not taking a nap yesterday, to him falling out of bed (at the end of it, not the side) and scaring the crap out of me on Saturday, to me catching his finger in the gate at the top of the stairs when I had him helping me wash some clothes and him screaming in pain and shaking and me worrying about breaking his poor finger (he's okay)... to not getting my baking done, or housecleaning, or laundry (had a load going at 6am today). Bah. It'll get done later. The gals from my bookclub are coming over tonight, and I think I will start with the caveat that "what you see is what you get" since I want to attempt grocery shopping on the way home since we are down to but a few diapers, a little fruit, and milk (a few staples in other words).

We did have fun at the aquarium, and the train, and getting ice cream (little duffer can consume an adult sized scoop with a huge smile and little wastage), and then eating pasta and hanging out, and hitting the pool, and being a good shopper, and reading books in bed. So much for trying to connect with a few gals on the net, I was more than likely asleep.

Officially six months along today - wow. Most days, the time is flying. It feels like the weeks are just clicking along. I still wouldn't say that I look obviously pregnant (in most of my clothes) and I am glad most things fit. I haven't quite figured out what I am willing to spring for when it comes to maternity wear. I am half thinking that for work I will ride it out in a bunch of loose skirts. Maybe just invest in some good flats... I am feeling good, just not all that energetic after 9pm. I haven't had any big cravings, but I would say that my complexion hasn't been great this time around. I have been half tempted to try on my wedding dress - this is pretty much where I was at when I was preggers with Brandon when we got married. Later on this month, it will be three years! Woo woo!

I am now reading at a snail's pace. Nights just aren't that long.. I had a few good things to rant about over the weekend, but they seem to have escaped me on this monday morning. If they come to me, I shall post again.

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