Monday, March 30, 2009

so much for aiming for every week!

28 weeks - 7 months.

Welcome last trimester!!!! All in all, I must say that I have been feeling pretty good. Weight gain has been reasonable, no crazy swelling, and baby is doing well.

I think my plan of not buying any maternity clothes this time around will be almost difficult - I am planning to wear all my loose skirts, but the weather is staying DAMN COLD. Remnants of winter have been kicking around way too long, and now that we have spring, at least my daffodils have made their appearance. Aside from a few sunny hours yesterday, it has not been skirt weather. So I may break and get something - or even just bigger pants. I can still fit in to some of my stuff, but the button gets popped (and I cross my fingers my zipper doesn't drop!).

Not sure when is the time to start preparing for bubs - although prep will consist of getting bag of age appropriate clothes, setting up the crib, and getting a few odds and ends - diapers, formula (just in case we run in to the same production issues as last time and need to supplement), more crack cream, and baby washing soap... there isn't much to do, but watch the weeks tick off. It is easier in a lot of ways than waiting for Brandon, and harder too, since you know how the first went, and you have no idea how this time will go. It is almost as mysterious as the first. Doc isn't expressing any major concerns, so I'm not either.

So what is up with gas prices? If you happen to fill up in the morning, you pay between 3 - 5 cents more than if you fill up at night. It is brutal. I can understand some price fluctuation, but since I have been paying more attention, the price changes from morning to night, every DAY! Especially on weekends - on Saturday almost got gas at 99.5 a litre, and last night, about dinnertime, it was at 94.9 a litre, and now today, it is back at 99.7 a litre. It is bizarre. I now won't buy gas before 5pm. What is the point? They get you on your way to work... What really gets me is that there isn't really consistency, or a real reason why for the variations, or maybe there is and I don't work in the right industry to understand.

Had an experience this weekend that reinforced how every day with kids you are learning stuff. Had made your own pizzas on Saturday night, and I guess I loaded B's and mine with too much cheese. And then we had some ice cream later on. Way too much fat content for the little guy's tummy and he woke up in the middle of the night, chatting up a storm, and about an hour later, we wore his dinner. At least we had had a similar experience just before Christmas with some really rich pasta, so I could at least understand what happened - too much fat and cheese and rich food = evacution from belly at a later date. Aside from talking about himself puking in the night and having a shower, B was no worse for wear on Sunday - I think I missed the extra hours sleep more than he did! First time this happened, I was half freaking out, this time, at least I knew what to expect. Coming full circle - I guess this is why it is so much easier the second time around with kids, you have already been through a trial by fire and you have a better idea of what to expect, even if it totally different.

I am enjoying a few hours to myself before I pick up B from daycare - ended up taking the day off for appointments, and it is just nice to fritter, and read my book, and do paperwork. The time is going by so damn fast though!

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