Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bang on my drum...

There are a few "back" posts I have been meaning to add for a while.. and this is one of them. At work, I had the really cool opportunity to make my own First Nations drum. It was a great experience - the first day I stretched and laced up the drum, and then second I created my stencil, painted it on, and made my drumstick.

The day I painted my drum, the FNC Coordinator and his sister were both drumming and yakking, and it made it quite a poignant experience, as we swapped stories about family, and our ancestral history. I am really pleased with how mine turned out - I had wanted to buy a celtic hand drum years ago, and well, this is even better. Celtic symbols, traditional colours and materials - more of a fusion drum that I think is appropriate for someone like me, from here, from the coast.

What is also neat to see is when Brandon wants to play the drum, and he walks around banging it and making noise - he is pretty proud of himself too at the cacophony of sound he can create with it!

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