Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Glorious Sun

The weather is as glorious today as it has been terrible for months!

Yesterday I sat in the sun for my lunch hour with my book, and today I went for a lovely walk around campus with a coworker. It is so blissful to have the sun in your face and to have summer shoes on. Oh spring, where art thou have been? Of course, it will be a bit fleeting since it is supposed to cloud over tomorrow... but today, ah today.

Brandon has been itching to be outside... the last few nights he has been hanging out in the backyard, spending as much time as he can outside before coming in. It's like he feels it too, spring fever is getting us in its grip.

Easter is around the corner and probably one of the first times I am not making the trek to the island to see my gram. It just isn't as easy anymore, and it costs so damn much. With the fare increase, back and forth with a car and 2 passengers is close to $150!!! HOLY CRAP! We can fly to Vegas for less than it costs to go to Vancouver Island!! O U C H ! ! ! I love her dearly, but, it's a lot of effort to do frequently and we were there a month ago... there are so many other places where the money needs to go right about now, and it is an exhausting trip with still having to work full-time.

I got to experience the joys of 3 boys between the ages of 2 and 5 on Saturday night. It was interesting - so much energy, so much rambunctiousness, a few tears, and a few laughs. Makes me grateful that two is a good number.. I couldn't imagine a whole house full of kids!!! Two is plenty... Brandon is a strong kid - definitely somewhat physical, definitely still a toddler. But man, can he TALK!!!!! it's cool.

Tonight shall be a picnic night. Get out, enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. We haven't done that since last SEPTEMBER.... back when Brandon was taking his first steps... and I got my remade wedding rings from my sweetheart. Pretty cool. Egads, time flies. And O M G it's been a long, long winter!!!!

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