Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chocolate highs and lows

There is a lot of chocolate floating around my workplace right now.

Almost too much. I love chocolate. I don't need frilly chocolate or special chocolates, I just like plain old milk chocolate. This has felt like an indulgent week - just not great meals, snacks, chocolate. You know how it goes. Slippery slope, and thank god for a few walks thrown in for good measure!

8 more weeks of work. Holy shit is the time going fast!!! I definitely have a baby belly this time around - everything seems to have shifted differently this time around. I think I am carrying high, and I have been feeling pretty darn good, except being tired at the end of the day/week. But is that baby or is that working full-time with a 2 year old?

Skirt season for me has officially started. No more "normal" bottoms. They don't work anymore. Skirts and black leggings, and jammies that sums up my bottom half. I may need to break and pick up a few items, okay, who doesn't like a few new things (but, items I can wear after, not just enjoy for the next 8 - 12 weeks).

Am currently writing up my official leave. The home stretch is truly upon us!

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