Monday, April 20, 2009

Sneaky Belly shot - 30/31 weeks

Seize the day! Was it a sign that this was the name of the boat across from our floating cabin?

It finally happened. Brandon had his first overnighter, and Ken and I booked it and got out of town for 24 hours. It was freaking wonderful. I didn't feel guilty about leaving the Don behind, maybe I missed him a little, but man, it was just so nice to just be me, with my man, and wandering around a place neither of us knew.

Bowen is a great getaway because it is really close, and far enough. The price to get there is also 1/8th of what it costs to get to the island which is also a bonus, and you could get away with not bringing your car over. We had some great food experiences, and then some not so great food experiences (nothing like waiting over an hour for a clubhouse... and a tuna burger) and spent time just wandering around, aimless wandering with no where we had to be, and nothing we had to do, except maybe satisfy our appetites.

Our floating palace was really cool - we stayed right in the marina, and it was just so nice to get out and walk in the woods, or along the docks for that matter. Hold hands. Not be on call, and just forget about being a parent for a few hours. I think the break for us was as good as it was for the Don - he was treated like a rock star, and since it was his cousin's birthday, loved flirting with all of her friends before they went out to the bar. Sounds like a great weekend for all of us, for totally different reasons.

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