Friday, May 1, 2009

The Bump is definitely there.

I definitely feel pregnant at this stage of the game. I feel like I look more pregnant this time around, and less like I have put on weight, if that makes sense. It has helped starting out lighter - it feels like a round baby belly and not like I just look chubby. I feel obviously pregnant.

I have had less aches (overall), I feel like my complexion has been worse, and it seems like random nights I can't sleep to save my life. Like Tuesday night. Woke up about midnight. And that was it. Didn't fall asleep again until 9am, I knew that Wednesday would be a terrible day between fighting a cold and no sleep, that it was just easier to stay home. Then when I woke up, it was hot, I felt like hell because I was still tired, hot, and yes, I am bitching right now.

Folks ask if this pregnancy feels different... Not really - I still have a fair amount of energy, although I tend to go to bed earlier (up earlier), and it seems to be going faster. I still count off the weeks - breathing a sigh of relief with every next milestone, for example, hitting 32 weeks, next when we hit 36 weeks and most of the big baby-work is done and baby is just putting on weight for life outside of the womb... I am chasing around Brandon, I am more conscious of needing to figure out easy to prepare dinners for when I go back to work again the second time around...

I am pretty relaxed about the whole "setting up for baby". Time is flying, and well, I figure towards the end of the month we will get out Brandon's baby clothes, I have a box of diapers... we'll need some bits and pieces, and then to put together a hospital bag... it just feels like we have lots of time. Or that there is still a lot to do before I am off work!

Speaking of which, 24 more days of work, give or take. Wow. It is really starting to fly. Needless to say, in the wee hours of the night, I have read a few books. Nothing that I would jump up and down about, but some good reads.

I am really glad it's Friday. I have been the big kahuna (more or less) at work, and there have been lots of fires to put out, and lots of t's to cross... the next week, semester start up. Will be interesting to see how things go. I have stuff to wrap up, and it doesn't feel like I got even close to working on that stuff this week. Fits and starts.

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