Friday, May 15, 2009


Hello 36!

Shit. I think that means I am in my mid-30's. When did that happen?

I actually decided to not be a princess and I am working on my birthday. It has been a decent day so far, but can't say that I felt all that motivated to bust my ass all over the place today. I am getting stuff done, just not at a rocket pace.

My folks are going to come up and join me for lunch on the hill. This is somewhat miraculous, considering my dad didn't even make it for my graduation. We are going to grab take out, and then pull up some grass I think. It will be a novel experience.

Tonight we are heading stateside to go camping. I can't wait. Yes, there is a part of me that is thinking, I am nuts, I am 35 weeks pregnant, and then the other voice says, ya, you are only pregnant and you get to have a campfire tonight and roast marshmallows! How cool is that? Plus, since we are stateside... SHOPPING. Outlets. And cheap cheese. I need new shoes. I have coupons. I am pleased.

It was a nice morning with my guys, I got a volcano for my fish tank! I can't wait to set it up!! Should be really cool (somewhat like the volcano from Finding Nem0). Something I have always somewhat coveted but never bought myself - perfect.

Well, here is to the weather holding for the next few days and a few really good stories to tell about camping.

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