Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Me thinks it will be an interesting day.

Get out there and exercise your civic responsibility and vote already.

We already did - there were so many advance polls, they were hard to resist.

Today hasn't had a stellar start. I am at the satellite office, and traffic was okay. Barely. Then I made it to the top level of the parkade where transient folks like me get to park. And then I got (**&^)#@ for $14 to park for the day.

You have got to be shitting me. I hate paying to park on a good day, but I stood there sputtering for a few minutes. Those are Vancouver rates, or parking on the beach at White Rock rates, not in a suburban community at their mall/office tower.

To make matters worse, I brought it up to my boss through our chat feature, making a comment about parking, and I got the, you mean you didn't know you could have gone to security and gotten a pass for $1???

Thanks. Thanks a lot for telling me. Didn't you used to run part of the area over here?? "Didn't one of the folks over there tell you about that?" hmmm lemme see, what after I have already been gouged and parked, maybe someone will bring it up? How would I even have known to ask??

So when I come back from my maternity leave I get to do this twice a week?? OH JOY. I wonder how long that will last...

/vent over (for now)

I won't even start in about the golfing season coming up for our hockey team... it was an exciting game.. but man.. so much for our goalie being just this side of godlike in the net. Bah.

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Nicole said...

You know the rules: keep pounding at a goalie long enough and something will go in (7 somethings in this case!). Lou was hung out to dry by his D.

Of course, Darren is a 'Hawks fan so he was quite pleased. To put it mildly.