Monday, May 11, 2009

34 weeks and counting..

Well, for what it is worth, my Doc figures I am pretty good at this pregnancy thing. Too funny, I guess I am pretty relaxed about it all this go around.

Baby is looking good, nice strong heartbeat, bum is hanging out to the left, feet to the right. I feel like all belly this time around. It's amazing how you just gain weight when you are pregnant. I can't say that I am eating all that different, but the scale is still reading higher and higher every time I head in there!

I bought a pair of yoga pants last week (on sale, of course) where I wouldn't have expected to find a pair, and all skepticism aside, they rock. So damn comfortable. They will be a staple around the house in the next few months. Hell, I have no jeans that fit at the moment, so they worked for Friday casual pants. I dressed'em up with a pair of white flats (ha ha). Looks like I will officially get away with no maternity clothes this time around. A few new t-shirts and yoga pants don't count. The old, nice tops I had from the first go around are too big, and well, I just can't be bothered beyond switching up the order that I wear my stretchy skirts in.

People ask if I am ready - nope. Crib is still outside in the shed, we have that box of diapers, and Brandon's baby clothes are in the attic. I do have a list. A very modest list. I guess I am counting on having at least a little time after I am done work before baby comes... man, the days already seem to filling up fast.

We are paying for the month of June for daycare, and yet, I wonder how many days beyond the 5th I will use it. I am sure there will be a few, and I plan on some selfish time, and some resting (god knows when that will happen next), and some lazing around, but I am looking forward to a few adventures with my little guy before number 2 makes their grand arrival. And I have the urge to paint. If things come together, it will be painting a small, 3 drawer chest and the bookcase in Brandon's room. Maybe a few small projects. Who knows, maybe even printing out some Wedding Pictures... seeing has it has only been 3 years... but who is counting?

I am having a novel few minutes to myself, the boys are sleeping, and I am fighting off being tired myself. I am going to spend time with my book, and then off to the land of nod myself.

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