Tuesday, March 23, 2010

700 posts!

This milestone seemed to creep up quickly...700 posts! Woo woo! It's interesting to see when you look over the years when I had a lot to say, and when I didn't.

I am reading Living Oprah for next month's book club, and yet again, I have been pleasantly surprised by a book I didn't expect to truly enjoy. I am about 2/3's of the way through, and it has been a great read. I think Okrant has a strong, firm grasp of what is important. LO is a yearlong journey that RO takes to "live" Oprah's decrees and adhere to her best life principles. RO commits to following Oprah's advice from her show, magazine, and website. RO wrote a daily blog of her experiences, and then wrote her book chronicling her experiences.

One of threads from the book that I have picked up on is (once again) the importance of decluttering your life. This is an ongoing theme in my life. I think I am finally getting the hang of it, and I am embracing spring cleaning this year wholeheartedly. Already baby clothes are flying out of here, and we have (or are in the process) of getting rid of about 4 bags of stuff the boys have outgrown. Last week I also took a trip to our local used book store, got rid of a box of books, paid forward about a box worth to one of those blue bins, and I still have a box in the back of my truck. I think I will try again at a different used book store and if nothing more comes of it, pay them forward too. I have also been cleaning out my closet. It is getting easier to let go of things I just don't like anymore, or haven't worn or used for a year. I am getting better at letting go, and I am finding that I like more open spaces that don't need to be crammed to the rafters like I have done in the past.

Although I didn't really plan on getting rid of most of my pants until I started to replace them, I was wearing a pair of my cords last night, and they fit so bad as I played with my kids on the floor, they had pretty much slipped off my ass and I was sitting on the waistband. For starters, so not attractive. From pulling them up all the time, I have also made a mess around the waistband from all the belt loops I have pulled off. I have added this pair of cords, and it's match in a different colour to the pile of clothes I no longer need and will be paid forward. Some I may take to a second hand store, but I am really not sure if it is worth the effort.

I am learning more is not always better. I want to have clothes that fit, flatter my body shape today, and are good colours for me. This goes for shoes. No more buying because it is a good deal, or "I could make it work"... it is still amazing at how quickly and easy it is to accumulate things. I would like to think I am developing more discerning taste, and as I am letting go of many of my things, that they are replaced by quality things that reflect where we are at now...For me, this is definitely a process without a beginning or an end. I can see the difference in my closet, my bookshelves, and even with the kids toys. When B was a baby, I was willing to take all hand-me-downs.. now I take what we need, and pay the rest forward. I don't feel the same need to hold on to it all, just in case and it does make a big mental difference to not have that perceived need to have all that stuff!!!

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