Saturday, March 27, 2010

We have ourselves a cowboy...

I am bursting with pride - Mister B had his first ride on a pony today and he really took to it. I was hoping he would really enjoy riding, but it was a bit of an unknown. I have my fingers crossed, there are horse folk on both sides of his family... and aside from a few moments of clinging to my pant legs before I picked him up and (gently) placed him on his faithful steed, Ladybug, Mister B rocked. I walked on one side for a few laps around the indoor arena, and then he didn't need me anymore! There was B and one other kid in the arena at the same time with a head instructor and then a few volunteers. Once he settled in, B projected a lot of confidence from his new perch. He loosened up on the death grip on the saddle, and he was grinning from ear to ear.

I was surprised, they even took B out for a walk around the paddocks too! I was shocked at how much he did for his first lesson... and when we got in to the truck, he was pretty zen about it all, and he can't wait to go back again! YAY! I think the riding is great for so many reasons - develop his core strength, stretch the right muscle groups, improve his posture... and then all the reasons you can't quantify by the sheer pleasure and untold rewards of being around horses. Lucky dude.

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