Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Found loot!

Yet another post where I reveal my geekdom.

I have heard of the concept of "releasing books in to the wild" and the idea of paying books forward in public places. Once I found a book in the ferry terminal, but it looked more abandoned than anything else, and last year, I left a book in a public place at work, hoping that I would never have to see it again (in other words, not very fond of that book was I). I had heard of book crossings, the website where people publish where they have released books, but just thought it was a cool concept.

Until now. I was up at our local park, and as we wandered through the water park, I noticed something on a bench. It didn't quite look like clothes, but it did look intriguing. So off me and the boys went, and lo and behold! I found not one, but two books!

The are book crossing books! (check out www.bookcrossing.com) and they have ID numbers in them, and I can see where they were originally "released" and how they got to me. Unfortunately my books were released about 2 years ago, and it doesn't appear who has had them since has been all that diligent about updating the website. The books had also been left out in the rain, so they have now expanded to twice their size. That being said, they are now dry, and ready to be read!

I found Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks and The Inheritance of Loss, by Kiran Desai. Both look good. YOW is drier then IOL so I will read this one next. Needless to say I was thrilled to find the books, I will log them in before I will release them, and yes, I will find a public place to leave them and hopefully they will carry on in their journey. I will not leave them in the rain.

My hubby laughed at how thrilled I was to find the books. But he knows about my addiction. I have lots of books, and only in recent years have I gotten better about not accumulating too many more books. At a certain books, it just gets ridiculous in a limited space to have too many books.. because really, can you have too many books?? No, but there are some you never will read again, especially those pocket books, and it is okay to pay them forward or trade in for more... to once again, fuel the healthy addiction of reading.

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