Friday, March 19, 2010

Guinness. Sweet Guinness.

I didn't manage to post on St. Paddy's Day, it ended up becoming a strange day. This has been a week of random highs and lows, and it just seems we have been kicking some odd virus' here and there for the last few weeks.

We didn't make the shamrock cookies I wanted, or the guinness Shepard's pie, a wee wrench got thrown in to the mix with a sick kid. The big guy ended up with a fever that rose and peaked, and went away all within about 18 hours. It made for a strange day as his appetite left him, and then he started to complain about his tummy, and then I realized he was hot...and his temperature climbed, and climbed (up to about 38.9 c) and then with the help of some motrin, and a bath, and then some rest and time, slowly came back down to normal. It was odd. I think I gave him too much apple juice since he ended up with a canker sore (which was yesterday's complaint). Poor guy has had a bit of a rough week, and then last night, before midnight I think we had some crazy dreams going on - he was crying out almost every hour. It's amazing, when your child has certain tones in their cries, you will move worlds to relieve them. Middle of the night he called out again, but this time alert and wanting to come in to my bed... so, lost my big guy and gained the little guy... it was sweet, he said he loved me asked for a cuddle and promptly fell asleep. This morning, you would never guess he had such a crap night. Gotta love kids and how they bounce, can't always say the same about their parents.

In the middle of all this, I did manage a crown floats on St. Paddy's. It was most excellent. Not drinking much over the last few years has changed my taste buds to a certain degree. If I am going to have a drink, I am that much pickier now. I tried a Rickards at my folks the other day and it didn't do a damn thing for me. That Guinness and Strongbow combination? Sheer magic. I did get the Guinness Shepard's pie made last night too, and it was damn good.

Once again, things came together, just not on the time line that I assumed that they would. It seems life is about going sideways and making it work a different way sometimes.

I am also totally stoked. I have been trying to get Brandon in to therapeutic riding to help his core muscle strength and lengthen out his leg muscles (and honestly, I think it would be awesome to be in horseback riding lessons, and to be around horses, and the fact it could make a significant impact to the quality of his life... I am all over it). There are waitlists to get in (especially since we will need a Saturday slot for when I go back to work, prime time, of course), and there aren't many places that offer this in the lower mainland. We got offered a spot at the place I really wanted to get him in to a while back, but then got turned down because it looked like he wasn't old enough for insurance reasons, and we couldn't get him in to the physio they use because we don't live in the area... so, on the sideways theme, I have been trying with another outfit, and have been going back and forth with paperwork to get something happening, only to get put on hold (I can be pretty keen when I set my sights on something) to get a call on the 17th (it was a day of some real highs and lows) that Brandon had a spot in the original place that I really wanted him in, and they could have him ride as long as he was over 2!!! I was ecstatic to say the least... we are going for an assessment today and he starts riding next weekend!! I just hope he likes being around horses and the barn as much as I have...

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